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Monday, December 19, 2022

How to Make Money with Bigo Live

Hello Readers 

                     Today's post is all about how to make money with Bigo live. 

Hello friends, do you know what is Bigo Live? And how to earn money from it? If you do not have any information about Bigo Live App, then you should read this post till the last.

 Because in today's post, we are going to give you information about Bigo Live App. So let's know what is Bigo Live? How to use Bigo Live? And how to earn money from Bigo Live App?

How to Make Money with Bigo Live
How to Make Money with Bigo Live

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a Live Video Streaming Social Network. In which we can make new friends and talk to them via Online Live Video. In Bigo Live App you get the features of Live Video Streaming and Private Live Video. In Bigo Live App, you can do Group Video Chat, Voice Chat, and Message Chat. Apart from this, you also get many features.

Its most important thing is that we can earn money by using Bigo Live App. In this, you get Beans which you can convert into money. So let's know how to download Bigo Live App and do Sing Up in it?

How to download Bigo Live App?

Downloading the Bigo Live App is very easy. To download it, you have given a Download Button below. By clicking on this button, you can download Bigo Live App very easily. Or you can also download it from Google Play Store.

How to create an account on Bigo Live?

Step 1) First of all you have to download Bigo Live App on your mobile?

Step 2) After this you will get the option of Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Phone to sign up. Out of this, you can sign up from any one option.

In this way, your account will be created very easily on Bigo Live. Now you also have to create your profile. For this, you follow the steps given below.

Step 1) As soon as you log in to the Bigo Live App, you will go to the Home Page of the Bigo Live App.

Step 2) Now you will see a profile icon, click on it.

Step 3) In this you can set your profile. After this, you have to give your Profile Name. If you want, you can change the name of your profile later. In this way, you have to create your profile.

how to make money with bigo live

With Bigo Live App, you can earn money by doing Live videos. For this, you have to show any talent in your live video, seeing which the person in front can give you beans. You can convert the Beans you get on Bigo Live into money. In this, you get 1 dollar for 220 beans.

The more Beans you earn, the more money you can earn. And in this, you get many other types of gifts. If you make people happy with your video then you can also earn money. So friends, now you must have come to know how we can earn money from Bigo Live App.

Tips to earn money from Bigo LIVE:-

Show some of your special talents in your live broadcasting. Like you can show any talent like Dance, Song, Important, or Comedy. You show something that as many people as possible like. You try that foreign followers like your life and they follow you.

Use quality Cameras or Smartphones to live. Take care of Internet Connectivity that it should be good. You should always be active on Bigo Live. For this, you must make at least one video every day.

  • Earn money from Bigo Live by doing Game Streaming Video

In this topic related to Bigo Live App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye or how to earn money from Bigo Live App, we will tell you how you can earn money from Bigo Live by playing games.

how to make a video call on bigo live

As we all know that Bigo Live app is used for live video calling. But many people are worried about how to do live video calling, so let's know how to do live video calls.

  • Live Button

When you click on the live button, you have to write your title and click on Go live, after which you go live. Now call the person with whom you want to talk on live video, if he receives your call, then you can start doing live video.

Or when you open the bigo live app, the video appears on your home screen. If someone is live, then you can call to talk to his video and click. So in this way you can do live video calling using both methods.


Here in this article, we talk about how to make money with bigo live then you can read our post till the end.


Q.1: how to withdraw money from bigo live?

If you want to get out of BIGO Live, then you have 6,700 beans in your account, then the money is transferred to your account.

Q.2: how much is 6,700 beans in bigo?

  • 210 beans = $1
  • 6700 = 31.9047619048.

Q.3: how much does bigo live pay?

ANS:  210 beans = $1

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