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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Voltas ac modes explained with symbols

ON/OFF button 

•Press this button, and the unit will be turned on, press it again, the unit will be turned off. When you are turning on or turning off the unit, the Timer, Sleep function will be canceled, but the preset time will remain.

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MODE button 

• Press this button to select Auto, Cool,Dry, Fan, Heat mode can be selected circularly. Auto mode is default while power on. Under Auto mode,you can't see temperature on display; Under Heat mode, the starting value will be  28°C (82°F) ;Under other modes, the starting value will be 25°C (77°F). 

voltas ac remote control functions
voltas ac remote control functions

Check SLEEP button 

 • Press this button to elect Sleep On and Sleep Off can be named. After powered on, Sleep Off is dereliction. After the ac is turned off, the Sleep function will be canceled automatically. After Sleep function set up, you can see signal of Sleep on display. In this mode, the time of timekeeper can be acclimated. Under Addict and Bus modes, this function isn't available. 


voltas ac remote control functions : Addict button 

• Press this button to elect Auto, Low, Middle, High speed. After powered on, Auto addict speed is dereliction. Under Dehumidify mode, Low addict speed only can be set up. 

how to reset voltas ac remote setting
how to reset voltas ac remote setting

Timepiece button 


 Press this button, to be set up the timepiece, signalAir Conditioner Remote Switch Timepiece blink anddisplay.Within 5 seconds, the value can be acclimated by pressing or- button, if continuously press for further than 2 seconds above, in every0.5 seconds, the value on ten place of Minute increased by 1. During blinking, repress the 

. Timepiece button signal will be constantly displayed and it denotes the setting succeeded. After powered on, 1200 is defaulted to display and gesture ø will bedisplayed.However, else is Timekeeper value, If there's signal c be displayed that denotes the current time value is Timepiece value. 

 LIGHT button 

 • Press this button to elect LIGHT on or off in the displayed. When the LIGHT on is set, the icon will be displayed and the index light in the displayer will be on. When the LIGHT off is set, the icon‘5’will be displayed and the index light in the displayed will be out. 

voltas ac remote control functions

BLOW button 

 • Pressing this button, can turn on or turn off the drying. In Cool and Dehumidifying mode, press this button and it'll display “ BLOW”, at this time the Blow Is turnedon.However,"BLOW"will be concealed, at this time the Blow function is turned off, If you repress this button. After powered on, Blow OFF is defaulted. When operating the ON/ OFF button, or switching mode to Cool or Dehumidifying ode the Blow function will keep the originalstatus.However, Blow OFF only can be set up and shoot the signal, If unit is turned off. In Bus, Addict as well as Heat mode, Blow function can't be set up and there's no"BLOW" displaying. 


 TURBO button 

• In Cool or Toast mode, pressing this button can turn on or turn off the Turbo function. After turned on the Turbo function on you remote then you can see signal on display. When switching the mode or changing addict speed, this function will be canceled automatically. 



 • For presetting temperature to increase preset temperature. Press this button, can set up the tern perature, when unit is on. Continuously press and hold this button for further than 2 seconds, the corresponding contents will be changed fleetly, until unpress the button also shoot the Information, °C (°F) is displaying each on. In Bus mode, the temperature can't be set up, but operate this button can shoot the signal. Centigrade setting range 16-30; Fahrenheit scale setting range 61-86. 

- button 

 • Presetting temperature to increase preset temperature Press this button, the temperature can be set up, If you are continuously pressing this button or hold for two seconds, the relative contents can snappily change, until unhold this button and shoot the order that the °C (°F) signal will be displayed all the time. The temperature adaptation is unapproachable under the Bus mode, but the order can be transferred by ¡ f pressing this button. 

voltas ac temperature setting

TEMP button 

 • After powered on, the setting temperature displaying ¡ s defaulted, ( according to guests conditions to display, ¡ f there's no demand that will overpass to display the presetting temperature and there's no Icon displayed on wireless remote control). Press this button, (When displaying 介), will display presetting temperature; (when displaying 介) will display Inner ambient temperature, 介 current displaying status won't bechanged.However, If entered the other remote control signal, it'll display presetting temperature, If current displays inner ambient temperature.

 voltas ac remote control functions For SWING UP AND DOWN BUTTON 

 • Press this button, to set up swing angle, which circularly changes as below 

voltas ac modes explained with symbols
voltas ac modes explained with symbols

.This is an universal use remote regulator. If remote regulator sends the following three kinds of status that the swing status of main unit will be  

reset voltas ac remote setting
 reset voltas ac remote setting


 When the companion louver start to swing up and down, if turn hourly the Swing, the air companion louver will stop at current position. which indicates the companion louver swings up and down between that all five positions. 

 Timekeeper ON BUTTON 

 • Timekeeper On setting Signal “ ON” will blink and display, signal Ø will conceal, the numerical section will come the timekeeper on setting status. During 5 seconds blink, by pressing or- button to acclimate the time value of numerical section, every press of that button, the value will be increased or dropped 1 nanosecond. Hold pressing or — button, 2 seconds latterly, it snappily change, the way of change is During the original2.5 seconds, ten figures change in the one place of nanosecond, also the one place is constant, ten figures change in the knockouts place of nanosecond at2.5 seconds speed and carry. During 5s blink, press the Timekeeper button, the timekeeper setting succeeds. The Timer On has been set up, repress the timekeeper On button, the Timer On will be canceled. Before setting the Timekeeper, please acclimate the Timepiece to the current factual time. 

 Timekeeper OFF BUTTON 

 • Once press this key to enter into TIMER OFF setup, in which case the Timekeeper OFF icon will blink. The system of setting is the same as for Timekeeper ON. 

Companion for operation-

 Voluntary operation 

 I. After powered on, press ON/ OFF button, the unit will start to run. ( Note When it's powered off, the companion louver of main unit will close automatically.) 

 2. Press MODE button, elect asked running mode, or press COOL or HEAT mode to enter into the corresponding operation directly. 3. Pressing or- button, to set the asked temperature. (It's gratuitous to set the temp. at AUTO mode.) 

4. Pressing Addict button set addict speed can elect AUTO Addict, LOW, Medial and HIGH. 

 5. Pressing ◙ button, to elect the swing.

Display Index light control of inner unit 

 It’s a special picky button for the druggies, who aren't oriented to the light at sleeping. 

 C • Get the display index light on 

 When setting the light function, the mark‘will display on the remote regulator screen by pressing this button. In which case, the display index light will be on if the AC receives this signal. 

• Get the display index light off 

 Still, the mark will display on the remote regulator screen by pressing this button, If cancel the light function. In which case, the display index light will be off if the AC receives this signal. Exigency operation If the wireless remote control is lost or broken, please use the homemade switch button. At this time, the unit will run at the Bus mode, but the temperature and addict speed can not be changed. The operation ¡ s shown as below To open the panel, the homemade switch (as in Fig) is on the display box. • Turn on the unit At unit turned off, press the button the unit will run at Bus modeimmediately.The microcomputer will accord to the inner temperature to elect ( Cooling, Heating, Fan) and gain the comfortable effect. 

 • Turn off the unit At unit turned on, press the button, the unit will stop working.

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