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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

How to set Caller Tune in JIO from My Music

Hello readers 

                   Today's post is all about how to set caller tune in jio for free.

If you are a Jio user, you have the opportunity to set a caller tune for your mobile number at no extra cost. Today we are going to tell you how you can set caller tune in Jio in a few minutes and if you have activated any unlimited pack then you also get free caller tune from Jio Sim. Today we are going to tell you how you can set Caller Tune in Jio.

However, when it is offered for free, almost everyone is interested in setting it up, but many are unable to do so because they do not have enough information. Since setting the JIO caller tune costs money, this is one of the reasons why many people choose not to set it.

How to set caller tune in jiosaavn app

how to set caller tune in jio for free
how to set caller tune in jio for free

In this section, we are going to discuss two methods, the first of which involves using the Jio Music app, and the second of which involves sending a message. 

It is also possible to send a message to Simple Jio, after which you can choose any song as your hello tune or caller tune. Since there are two different methods, it is important to be familiar with both of them.

If you don't already have the Jio Saavn Music App, you will already have the My Jio Must Have App if you have a Jio SIM card. The first step is to download the Jio Music app. 

If you do not already have the Jio Music app, then you will already have the My Jio Must Have app. From within the My Jio app, the Jio Music app can be installed quickly and easily.

After this, you have to open the Jio Music app. Before we do, though, we must warn you that not every song is available for use as a caller tune in Jio.

However, you will get recent songs to use as caller tunes in Jio. You can search for any song to be used as a caller tune by going to the search box of the app and typing in the name of the song. After searching you have to click on the song.

How to set Caller Tune in Jio SIM

After searching, if the option of Set to Jio Tune comes on your song, then you can set that song as the caller tune of your Jio SIM card. However, if the option to set it as Jio Tune does not appear on your song, it indicates that the song cannot be used as a caller tune for a Jio sim card.

After clicking on Set as JIO Tune, the song of your choice will be automatically set as caller tune after a short period of time. Once this is set, you will receive a notification on your phone as well as an email letting you know that the song has been successfully set as the caller tune.

How to set caller tune with Toll-Free Number

To use your Jio SIM, you will first need to access the message inbox on your mobile device, then you will need to send an SMS or message to 56789 by typing JT in the message box, and finally, you will need to To choose a song from your library and to reply to a message you've received. You can also change the caller tune by sending an SMS to 56789.

If you want to set the caller tune of any other person on your mobile, then for this you have to give ring (star) button while going to another mobile and then his caller tune will be activated on your Jio SIM. If you want to do this then you have to give the ring (star) button while going to another mobile.

You must be familiar with how to set caller tune in Jio at this point. If you are wondering how long this tune will remain on your JIO SIM, then let us tell you that it will remain active for a month.

After that, you have to click and run again. If you want to activate another song within a month, you can do that too; So, you can enjoy caller tune-in Jio SIM for free, and you will not need to pay any money to do so.


Here in this article, we add all related information about how to set caller tune in jio from my music and how to set caller tune in jio for free so if you want to set caller tune in jio then you should read our post till the end.

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