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Saturday, November 12, 2022

best low maintenance 150cc bike in india

 Hello Readers 

                 Today's post is all about the best mileage bikes 150cc in India.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best low-maintenance 150cc bikes in India because today there are many companies in the market who launch their low-maintenance bikes, so if you are looking for similar bikes, then you are searching then you all can take a look at this post of ours.

best 150cc bike for long drive
best 150cc bike for long drive

There are also such bikes that you can use for long drives.

But before you proceed further with this post, you must understand the meaning of CC.

What does cc stand for in a bike?

So friends, first of all, let us tell you that CC stands for Cubic Capacity, which is also known as Cubic Capacity in Hindi. That capacity is called cubic capacity. Which is in the cylinder of the bike engine. The total space or total volume of a single cylinder is known as the CC of the bike. cc serves as a unit to measure volume. The engine we are talking about here is known as an internal combustion engine, also known as the internal combustion engine in Hindi.

This is done to know the power of any bike, that is, it shows which bike is of how many cc. The higher the CC's Nike, the more powerful and expensive it is. 

Now let's check some points before you buy any bike in 150 CC

Buying Guide for best mileage bikes 150cc

Before buying any bike you should take care of all these things:

1.) Mileage

All of you should first find out about the mileage of the bike because the most important aspect of the bike is the mileage.

2.) Power & Torque:

BHP means Brake Horse Power, which shows the power of the engine of the vehicle, either HP means BHP, we know it by the name itself, that means if the engine is 4HP then it can be said that The engine has as much power as 4 healthy horses.

Torque is responsible for the express acceleration and starting speed of the vehicle, the same power is needed to produce this torque and to reach from one place to another, which is generated by the fuel burnt in the engine. Shows as HP and BHP.

3.) Features:

After checking all these you can suck the features like Bluetooth connectivity, light, etc according to your own.

Now let's start our list

best 150cc bike in india

Now let's start making our list of best mileage bikes 150cc

1.) Bajaj Pulsar 150

If you are looking for the most powerful 150cc bike in India, then you can take a look at the Bajaj Pulsar 150. This bike gives you 48 kmpl which makes this bike the most performing contender in the list.

This bike is very famous in the market for its looks and performance, youngsters like this bike very much because this bike comes with many features in the work money.

let's check its features:

1.) This bike comes with an Engine Capacity of 149.5 cc.

2.) Bajaj Pulsar 150 gives you a mileage of around 48 kmpl.

3.) Its fuel tank capacity is 15 liters.

4.) Its eingen gives you 13.8bhp and 13.4Nm torque.

5.) This bike comes with so many color combinations which are liked by so many people.

6.) This bike comes with 2 Spark Plugs per Cylinder.

7.) This bike also comes with Daytime running lights.


  • It has so many colors.
  • This bike is so powerful.
  • it has 5 Year warranty with 75000 Kilometers.


  •  design is the only problem.

2.) Yamaha FZ FI

We have included this bike mainly because of its mileage, its mileage is slightly less than pulsar but its design and other features are slightly more than pulsar's.

Yamaha FZ FI with 46 kmpl mileage is available in the market which you can get for around Rs.1,34,103.

This bike can be a good option for those who like to drive long on the bike.

Now let's check its features :

1.) This bike comes with a 149 cc Engine Capacity.

2.) Its milage is 46 kmpl.

3.) This bike comes with 5 gears.

4.) its tank capacity is 13 liters.

5.) it's eingen produce 12.2bhp and 13.6Nm Power.

6.) Its top speed is 110 Kmph.

7.) FZ FI comes with a 1 Down 4 Up gear pattern.

8.) Tyer are tubeless.


  •  fuel efficiency is good and very easy to ride.


  • Little expensive.

3.) Yamaha FZ S FI

Now comes our third choice. If you are looking for the best-looking bike in 150 cc, then you can go for the Yamaha FZ S FI. This bike comes in the market with Stunning Looks and Color Combinations.

This bike is a bit expensive but you get an anti-locking braking system, a multi-function LCD instrument cluster, a lower engine guard, and many more according to the money.

The specifications of this bike are also quite good:

1.) It comes with 149cc BS6 eingen.

2.) its milage is 46 kmpl.

3.) its reserve fuel capacity is 2 liters.

4.) this bike claim 115 Kmph top speed.

5.) It has Mobile App Connectivity.

6.) Yamaha FZ S FI also comes with DRLs (Daytime running lights).

7.) It has 2 years of warranty.

8.) Its eingen gives the power of 12.2 bhp.


  • Its look is so tempting.
  • weight is a little low just 135 kg.


  • Performance is not that good.
  • This bike does not come with a low battery indicator.
  • fuel tank capacity is a little low (13 liters)

4.) Yamaha MT-15

Yamaha MT-15 is a sports bike that comes with a 155cc engine capacity, you get to see the looks of this bike like a sports bike and its performance is also similar.

so if you are searching for the best 150cc bike for a long drive then it could be a good option for you.

You get to see the price of this bike is a bit high, but it is very easy to ride on Indian roads because the weight of this bike is very less (almost 139 kg).

This is a sport bike, so this bike will get fewer features at less price.

1.) This bike comes with a 155cc BS6 engine which gives the power of 18.1 bhp which is quite good for a sport bike.

2.) this bike also gives Bluetooth connectivity.

3.)Yamaha MT-15 comes with 6 gears.

4.) It has a mileage of 46.5 kmpl with top speed of 130 km/h. 

5.) this bike also needs low maintenance.

6.) its liquid cooling system also helps to reduce the heating problem.

7.) This bike covers a distance of 465 km when the tank is full.


  • It gives 18 BHP power.
  • very easy to ride.
  • it has 6 gears.
  • low maintenance.
  • its top speed is 130 Kmph.


  • Reserve Fuel Capacity is low (1.6 liters).


Here in this article, we add the 4 best 150cc bikes in India with their features, pros, and cons if you want to know which is the best 150cc bike for long drives then read our complete article and get answers to all your questions.

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