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Saturday, November 12, 2022

How to block number in JIO phone

Hello readers

                  Today's post is all about how to block numbers in jio phones.

How to block number in JIO phone
How to block number in JIO phone

 Due to its excellent features and affordable price, Jio's keypad phone is quite famous in the market. If you also have a Jio phone then this post is for you. Today we will tell you how to block number in jio phone. 

The call block feature can be very useful for you so you should be aware of it. If you have a smartphone then our post must fall on the call barring. Now let's start this post.

What is call blocking or blacklisting?

Call block means to block calls from a number. When you put a mobile number in the blacklist, then you will stop getting calls from that number.

However, you will get the information about that call. Whenever you will get a call from a blacklisted number, that call will be cut automatically because you have blocked that number, And the person who has called you will always get your call busy. Unless you unblock that number again.

how to block number in jio phone

Step 1- Go to the menu in Jio phone and open Jio chat.

Step 2 - After opening Jio chat, click on Options.

Step 3 - Open the setting inside the options.

Step 4 - Open the option of security & privacy inside the settings.

Step 5 - Security & privacy > Blocked Contacts Here you will get to see all the blacklisted mobile numbers.

Step 6 - Click on the add option on the left side.

Step 7 - After clicking on Add, all your contacts will be shown, from here tick any number you want to block or blacklist. That number will be blocked as soon as you tick it.

So by following these steps you can block or blacklist any number. Once you block, you will stop getting calls from that number.

How to unblock Numbers in Jio phone

Sometimes we block a number by mistake. And we would also know that the number is blocked. That's why we should keep checking our call block details. Repeat the same steps to unblock the number.

jio chat<options<settings<security & privacy

Here you will be shown all blocked numbers. To unblock them, click on Unblock on the right side. In this way, you can easily delete the number entered in the blocklist from the blacklist.


If you are facing a problem because of unwanted calls and you don't know how to block a number in jio phone then you can read this post and get all information for jio phone blacklist setting.

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