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Friday, November 11, 2022

how to increase bsnl internet speed in android

Hello Readers

                     Today's post is all about how to increase bsnl internet speed in android.

In this world of the internet and computer, almost everyone complains about slow internet, no matter what the reason, but often the problem of slow internet speed is only for some time because if this problem is from the operator, then often It is fixed soon.

Because this company is operated by the Indian Government, therefore many times it is not even maintained at the right time or sometimes it is delayed.

Due to this the Internet Speed ​​of BSNL starts decreasing with time, so let us tell you how you can increase the Internet Speed ​​in BSNL?

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The biggest reason why BSNL's internet speed is less than other networks is that BSNL has not yet started 4G service in the whole country like other networks Airtel, Jio, etc.

Now you know the reason so let's see the solution

how to increase bsnl internet speed in android

It is not that BSNL Internet runs very slow, but you get better speed than any 3G network in BSNL only, but in many places, you may experience slow internet speed in BSNL.

The reason for this is the presence of bandwidth in small amounts, but soon BSNL is going to upgrade all its networks to 4G.

And if you are currently experiencing Slow Internet Speed ​​in your BSNL Network, then you can Boost your Internet Speed ​​by using the methods mentioned below.

1. Select the network correctly

If you want to experience Fast Internet, then it is very important to have a Full Network on your Mobile, and yes Network should not be in the right amount i.e. High Ping.

If the ping of your network is high, then its direct effect falls on your mobile internet speed and your internet starts running slow.

Therefore, while using the Internet, always operate your mobile from a place with the good network coverage.

2. bsnl internet settings for android

It is very important to have APN Settings to run the Internet on Mobile because you cannot access the Internet on your phone due to lack of the correct APN.

bsnl internet settings for android
 bsnl internet settings for android

By the way, in today's time, APN Settings are installed automatically as soon as Sim is installed in Smart Phones, but if APN is not installed in your phone or is not configured properly, then you can set it by looking at the APN Settings mentioned below.

3. Completely Close Mobile's Social Media Apps

As you all must know Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use more Internet.

And even if they are running in the background, at that time they are using Mobile Data Internet, due to which you experience Slow Internet Speed.

In such a situation, you should always close or force-stop all social media or all other types of background running apps so that you can get high internet speed.

4. Must keep Antivirus

Having Antivirus is important for your mobile because Antivirus keeps your mobile safe from Virus and Untrusted Apps and also prevents your Mobile Internet from being used incorrectly.

5. Keep Phone Memory Empty

Always keep the memory in your phone at least 5% free because if you do not have enough storage in your phone then your mobile will not work properly and you will face the problem of hanging again and again.

But not only this, if the memory will not be empty, then the RAM of your mobile will also not be empty, due to which there will be a problem with the Internet data and mobile apps working properly and the speed of the internet in your phone will be very slow.

Therefore, always keep a sufficient amount of storage free in the mobile.

6. Increase Internet Speed ​​with the help of BSNL Broadband

There can be many main reasons for the low speed of Bsnl Broadband. So let us tell you about those reasons so that you can fix yourself too.

  • The reason for the low speed of BSNL Broadband can also be due to cracks in the internet connection's wire. So always check the wires and install them safely.
  • Lowering of Router's Speed ​​Limit, such as suppose that you have taken the 1Gbps plan of your BSNL but your router's data transfer limit is only 500Mbps, then you will not be able to experience Full Internet Speed. That's why always buy a router according to your plan or buy a Wi-Fi router with 1Gbps data transfer.
  • The requirement is to have low bandwidth or high load on the same network line.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of BSNL broadband?
  • Benefits of BSNL Broadband
  • In BSNL, you get cheap and good packs as compared to other broadband providers.
  • You can apply online for BSNL Broadband Connection from the official website of Direct Bsnl.
  • You also get Fiber Broadband service here cheaply.
  • In BSNL you get internet speed up to 1Gbps.
  • Harm
  • In case of malfunction or any kind of technical issue, it takes a long time to fix it.
  • Frequent problems like Server Down.
  • Sometimes Internet Speed ​​becomes slow.


Here in this post, we discuss 5 ways to increase bsnl internet speed in android and also download bsnl 4g apn settings for android mobile so if you are also facing a problem with your bsnl net speed then you can read our post.

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