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Sunday, October 2, 2022

water purifier annual maintenance cost in india

 Hello Readers 

                   Today's post is all about the water purifier annual maintenance cost in India.

If you are thinking of buying a water purifier in India then you should check the maintenance cost of a water purifier before buying it.

Why we need water purifiers

We all have heard about RO Water purifiers. This is the most popular and used water purifier system in homes. But what is the principle of the process of reverse osmosis?

Osmosis or osmosis is a natural process. A natural property of water is that when two liquids are separated by a semipermeable membrane, the water moves from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. The absorption of water by the roots of trees reflects this process.

In the process of RO, we reverse or reverse this property of water. For this electricity is used which acts as an external force. This is what we call reverse osmosis. Meaning that in Reverse Osmosis the water moves from Higher Concentration to Higher Concentration. For this, continuous electricity is used so that the process of reverse osmosis continues. The separation of salt from seawater is an example of the reverse osmosis process.

Water supplied to homes contains visible and soluble impurities. RO water purifier removes more than 95% of soluble impurities, leaving the water clean and clear.

Regular Replacement For RO

There are some components which you have to replace every year that's why you have to check maintenance cost.


  • Sediment Filter
  • Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Post-Carbon Filter
  • RO Membrane

These four components you should change every year. Now comes to the points here we make a list of maintenance costs for these water purifiers let's check:

water purifier annual maintenance cost

Company Name Cost
aquaguard water purifier maintenance cost 5500 to 6000 (Everything is included)
LG water purifier maintenance cost 5800 to 6000 (Everything is included)
kent water purifier maintenance cost 5000 to 5500 (Everything is included)
blue star water purifier maintenance cost 7000 to 8000 (Everything is included)

Advantages and Disadvantages of RO Water Purifier:


1. RO water purifier removes many impurities like fluoride, nitrate, and other soluble salts.

2. This filter is specially used to clean hard water.

3. It also removes heavy metal impurities like Arsenic and Lead.


1. A lot of water is wasted in this process. It throws out 3 times as much water as it cleans.

2. It requires continuous power.

3. It does not eliminate Germs, Carbon Dioxide, and Bacteria.

4. Its maintenance is very expensive.


Here we've added up different companies' water purifier annual maintenance costs so you can get an idea of the average price.


Q.1: kent vs aquaguard maintenance cost?


Kent : 5000 (Approx)

aquaguard : 5500 (Approx)

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