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Sunday, October 2, 2022

how to increase followers on instagram without any app

 Hello Readers 

                  Today's post is about the information on how to increase followers on Instagram organically.

Today Instagram has become a way through which you can earn money, because of this many people are creating their Instagram accounts, but people have very little knowledge about increasing followers on Instagram, due to which they can use any service. Make your followers bigger by paying money. Late and later his account gets banned.

That's why we have written some steps for you in this article, with the help of which you can increase your followers organically.

But this does not mean that all the services in the market are bad, just you should follow the organic way for some time in starting, after that you can use any one service.

how to increase followers on Instagram organically

First of all, we will learn about how to increase followers on Instagram organically without any app. However, it takes time to increase followers in this way. So you need to be patient and work in this direction continuously. In this way, you will get real followers which will help you to make money from Instagram.

how to increase followers on Instagram without any app

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile Better

2. Create Instagram Highlights

3. Use Hashtags in Post

4. Create Reels

5. Create Shareable Content

6. Change Your Profile to Public

7. Post at the right time

8. Try to Post Consistently

9. Use Insta Stories

10. Promote Your Account on Other Social Media

how to increase followers on instagram
how to increase followers on instagram

1.) Optimize your Instagram Profile better

The very first step towards getting more Instagram followers is to optimize your profile better so that it looks more attractive. First, put a nice profile picture of yourself that looks good. Your profile picture is like a first impression for other users. So you must make sure that you are leaving a good impression.

Make your name and username so that it is easy for others to find you. Many people make their usernames very awkward in order to become cool, so even their acquaintances cannot find them on Instagram.

Instagram bio is also an important part of your profile. So write a bio that puts your character in front of others. You can also tell people about yourself. Finally, if you have a website or YouTube channel, then you can add its link.

2.) Create Instagram Highlights

When people open your Insta profile, the first thing they see is your profile picture, bio, and Instagram highlights right below it. This is a feature that you can use to impress and engage people.

Since these features are present in the front and center of the profile, people can easily see them. That's why artists, influencers, and brands are using it on a large scale today. You can add your best Insta stories to the highlights.

If you are a brand then you can add your best products to the highlights. By doing this your profile looks complete and attractive. In such a situation, people are more likely to follow you.

3.) Use Instagram Hashtags in Posts

You can reach new users by using relevant hashtags in the post. Using hashtags can make your content reach more people. This is a good way to increase Instagram followers for free.

The hashtag is nothing but a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#). For example #increasefollower. You can get more followers by using such great hashtags in the post.

4.) Create Instagram Reels

You will be well versed with the reels. Today everyone, especially the youth, is making reels on Instagram. So if you also want to increase the number of your followers, then start making reels.

Reels are short videos in which you can express your creativity. This is a great way to reach as many audiences as possible. You can get millions of views by making reels on the latest trends. So if you want more followers quickly, start making reels.

5.) Create Shareable Content

If you want to increase the number of your Instagram follower organically then you have to improve your content. Content that people like to share. Reels and memes are the most viral these days on Insta.

With the help of shareable content, you can reach millions of people within a few hours. With this, you can get from 1k to 10k followers in a jiffy. Instagram also promotes accounts whose content is being shared by more people.

So for more people to share your content, make it more engaging. Create content that your audience can relate to. Post on topics that have gone viral on other social media platforms.

6.) Change your profile to Public

If you have made your account private till now, then you are keeping your content away from the reach of more people. Although having a private account also has some privacy-related benefits, if you want more followers then you have to change your account to public.

By switching to a public account, anyone can see your posts, stories, like, and comment on them. He can also follow you if he likes your account.

7.) Post at the right time

The timing of posting is very important. If you post at a time when most people have gone to work, then it is more likely that you will reach very few people. If you go by the data, then there is no one correct timing for every day. For example, 11AM to 1PM is the best time to post on Monday. Similarly, every day this time is different. It is generally considered better to post between 5 PM to 11 PM.

8.) Try to Post Consistently

To quickly increase followers on Instagram, you need to be more active and post at least once in two days. The more you post, the more your reach will increase and people will engage with you. They will get used to your content. This is a good way to grow the number of your new followers.

9.) Use Instagram Stories

If you want more Instagram followers, you have to use Insta stories. Everyone likes to watch stories. It's an easy and fast way to connect with other users and your followers. Because they are more effective than images.

You can get feedback from your followers using stories. You can poll through stories. However, it disappears on its own after 24 hours.

10.) Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media

You can easily increase your followers by promoting your Instagram account on other social media. Let's say you have 500 friends on Facebook and they don't know that you are on Instagram too. In such a situation, you can add the link of your Insta account to Facebook. So that all your friends can follow you on Insta too.


In this post, on how to increase followers on Instagram organically, you can try once by following the steps we have written.

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