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Sunday, October 2, 2022

best ryzen 5 laptop under 40000 in India

 Hello readers 

                Today's post is about India's best ryzen 5 laptops under 40000 in India.

Some people also search for Ryzen 5 laptops under 30000 or 35000 I believe you can find some laptops under this price range but if you take your budget up to 40000 then you can have a perfect laptop with you.

Almost every company launched its laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 in less than 40000, if you keep your budget up to 40000, you have many options available in the market (Like HP, Dell, Honor, etc).

If you guys are really interested in game development and playing games then you can rely on Ryzen processors as these processors are made for the gaming industry.

Now let's not waste time and know about the buying guide for these ryzen 5 laptops.

Buying Guide for ryzen 5 laptop

I know every one of you knows how to choose a perfect laptop but we made this guide for newcomers.

1.) Check common Specification

In the first step, you have to check the RAM and SSD and see whether the minimum RAM of the laptop is 8GB or not and the SSD of that laptop should also be a minimum of 256GB because only then you guys were able to run heavy-duty software.

2.) Graphic Card

Now the second step is to check the graphic card, I cannot tell you that you will be able to get a dedicated graphics card in 40000 thousand, but 2 GB of Vega graphics should be there in that laptop for work.  By the way, we have added the performance of the graphic card below, so you guys can take a look at it.

3.) Clock Speed

In simple words, the higher the clock speed, the higher the performance of that laptop, so do not forget to check the clock speed.

4.) Processor Speed


If you guys are buying any laptop, then definitely check the processor speed and see that the maximum speed of the process is not less than 3.

By the way, we have also added a processor benchmark, so you guys can see that too.

5.) Service center

Now check if there is an authorized service center for your laptop or not so that you guys can go there and tell about the problems.

Now let's come to the point which is ryzen 5 laptops here we have made a list for it let's see it :

Best ryzen 5 laptops under 40000

1.) HP 245 G8 AMD Ryzen 5

HP 245 G8 AMD Ryzen 5
HP 245 G8 AMD Ryzen 5

our first choice is HP 245 G8 this laptop comes with all the required specifications which are needed for a gaming laptop.

If you guys search for this laptop in your local market then it would be so difficult to find because these laptop companies launched some of their laptops only on e-commerce websites.

so you can buy it from amazon but before you buy it let's check its specification :

Common Specification

  • This laptop comes with 8GB RAM/1TB HDD and Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.
  • Its battery life is 4 hours but if you play GTA 5 or Counter-Strike then it only lasts 2 hours.
  • Its screen is fully HD.

AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU benchmark

CPU Mark 7,688
Clockspeed: 2.1 GHz
Turbo Speed 3.7 GHz
Threads 8
Single Thread 1,973 MOps/Sec (It has 4 cores)


  • it supports nvme SSD.
  • it has gigabit ethernet.


  • it Doesn't have Ms. Office.
  • it doesn't have a Kensington lock slot.
  • 4k video editing is a little slow.
  • it can't run premiere pro smoothly.
  • don't run Forza Horizon 4.
  • don't run unreal game engine.

2.) Acer Aspire 3 AMD Ryzen 5 3500U

Now comes the best laptop under 40000 with AMD Ryzen processor.

Acer is now focusing on gaming laptops, so it is a common thing to find Ryzen processors in Acer laptops.

Acer's higer range of laptops may be the perfect choice for gaming but in a low budget the Acer Aspire 3 AMD Ryzen 5 3500U can be a cost-effective deal.

This laptop also comes with many features which are as follows:

Common Specification

  • This laptop comes with 8 GB/512 GB SSD with Windows 11 Home.
  • It has AMD Radeon Vega8 Mobile Graphics that could be batter than integrated graphic card.

AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Banchmark

CPU Mark7066
Clockspeed:2.1 GHz
Turbo Speed3.7 GHz
Single Thread1,973 MOps/Sec (It has 4 cores)


  • You can use 1tb NVME SSD.
  • CSGO Run Smoothly.
  • perfect for programmer.


  • It doesn't have free MS office.
  • it's body is made of plastic.
  • WEB CAM is not HD.
  • can't run GTA 5 Properly (FPS 50).

3.) Honor MagicBook 15

After the success of Honor's mobile in the Indian market, now Honor has also focused on gaming laptops, although most of the laptops of Honor's look-wise will be found with slim and eye-catching design, so you can rest assured from the design point of view.

And if you guys are looking for a metallic body under ryzen 5 laptop 40000 then Honor MagicBook 15 can be a good option.

now comes to it specification:

Common  specification

1.) This laptop comes with 8GB/256GB PCIe SSD.

2.) It also have Fingerprint Login which is quite shocking.

3.) It have AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor and Anti Glare Coating.

4.) It has Intel UHD Graphics.

5.) It cache memory size is 8MB.

AMD Ryzen 5 5500U Banchmark

CPU Mark13151
Clockspeed:2.1 GHz
Turbo Speed4.0 GHz
Single Thread2455 MOps/Sec (It has 6 cores)


  • You can run all video editing software due to its intel's integrated graphic support.
  • battery backup is good (almost 4 hours).
  • 30 days free trial of Microsoft Office 365.
  • you can run GTA 5.
  • it has Aluminum body.


  • there is no extra slot to upgrade Ram and storage for the ryzen model.
  • it doesn't have azure blue chamfer.
  • AutoCAD couldn't run properly.
  • This laptop can't run powerbi smoothly.  
  • it doesn't comes with Thunderbolt 4 support.

Graphic Card gaming benchmark for ryzen 5 laptop 

Here we compair ryzen 5 ans their gaming performance:

radeon vega 8 graphics 

Game Name FPS
Forza Horizon 5 39 (At Low)
Resident Evil Village 28.1 FPS (At Low)
Assassin´s Creed Valhalla 23 FPS (At Low)
Need for Speed Heat 25.8 FPS (At Low)
World of Warcraft 2005 158 FPS (At Low)

Intel-UHD-Graphics Card:

Game NameFPS
Forza Horizon 5  Don't Run (At Low)
Resident Evil Village12.2 FPS (At Low)
Assassin´s Creed ValhallaDon't Run (At Low)
Need for Speed Heat13 FPS (At Low)
World of Warcraft 2005157 FPS (At Low)


Here we add 3 best ryzen 5 laptop under 40000 but we are still searching for more until then you can check their benchmark and CPU performance in our post.

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