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Saturday, October 22, 2022

How to increase vi internet speed

Hello Readers 

                  Today's post is all about the vi APN settings for fast internet in 2022.

 Who does not need internet in today's time, but the problem comes when you have internet data but your net speed is slow because if you have only 3-4GB of data every day, your network net speed is slow. So no matter how much you do online work, there will be problems like online transactions, sending money to someone, filling a form online, taking online classes, or learning something from youtube, why not watch online videos, you will have problems. If your net is slow.

If you guys have a BSNL sim and searching for the bsnl internet settings for android then check out this post.

What is APN In android?

The full form of APN is Access Point Names, which is used to set internet and network in our mobile, it already defaults in your phone and when you put vi or any sim in your phone then automatically This setting is given to you by the SIM operator, so if you do not know about it, then you should not touch it at all, because a wrong setting can cause problems in your network and if you know, then your network can also be good. |

Today we will solve this problem and will know about Vi (Vodafone Idea) Apn settings 2022, through which your net speed will increase a lot, and no matter what your online work is, you will be able to do it easily.

BS, whatever the settings have been told below, you have to understand it carefully and follow it as it has been told, do not heal any yourself

And also keep in mind that you don't have to touch the MCC and MNC code at all, it is your country code and network code, everyone is different, so let it be as it is yours. There is no lime at all, so let's increase the speed of your internet.

how to increase vi internet speed

1. First of all you have to go to your phone's setting “settings”

2. Here you will see the option of “Sim card & mobile networks” below, click on it

3. It may also happen that only Mobile Network or something like this is written in you.

4. Now you have to select your Vi SIM and click

5. After this, the option of Access Point Names will appear in front of you.

6. Click on Access Point Names

vi apn settings for fast internet

7. Now the option of APNs will come in front of you, here you have to create a new apn

8. Click on New APN.

If you do not find the option of Mobile and network in front of the setting, then it will come after typing apn in the search box of the setting.

Now you have to create a new apn, many phones have the option of "Add", then many phones will give you the "+" form, and as soon as you click on it, a new "apn" form will appear in which you have to enter the settings.

Note: Keep in mind that do not touch MCC and MNC at all, this is the area and network code, which is different for everyone according to the area, so do not touch it at all.

After setting you to have to click "More" below to "Save"

As soon as you save the apn setting, now you will have to become "Vi internet", select it and turn on the phone by turning off "Restart" so that the setting will be applied.

If you face any problem or if any setting goes wrong with you, then you can do apn "Reset" so that your apn will be the same as before.


Here in this post, we have told you some tricks to increase vi internet speed, so if you are looking for it then follow the steps shown above.

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