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Friday, October 21, 2022

how to download whatsapp status video of others

Hello Friends

                  Today's post is all about how to download Whatsapp status.

Whatsapp is a social media platform, which is used by every smartphone user, and it has more than 390 million active users in India alone.

Now you can imagine how many people all over the world would have used it. The popularity of Whatsapp has increased a lot after the introduction of its Status feature in it.

People put on Whatsapp status when they show their rank or like a song or photo. And if seen around us also, along with entering the status, people definitely see the status of their Save Contacts at least once in 24 hours.

In such a situation, there are many videos or photos that people like very much and they want to put that photo or video on their status. That's why they need to download the status of others.

But there is no such official feature in Whatsapp so that you can download the status of anyone. But yes you can download others' statuses. And how we can do that, we are going to know about it in this post.

how to download WhatsApp status video of others

Friends, as we have already told you to download someone's status from WhatsApp, you do not get any official feature in WhatsApp, for this you have to take the help of Third Party App.

Here we will tell you three ways to download Whatsapp Status of anyone, you can download the status using whichever method you like. So let's know how to download Whatsapp status videos.

How to Download Status from 1 Gb Whatsapp

The first way in our list is GB Whatsapp because many of us use Gb Whatsapp instead of normal WhatsApp. But I am not telling you that you also use Gb WhatsApp. if you already use it

You do not need to download any app. This is a default feature in Gb WhatsApp, where if you see the status of anyone, then you get the download button in the bottom right corner.

By clicking on it, you can save the status of anyone.

2. How To Download Whatsapp Status Without Any App

Our second way is how to download the Whatsapp status of anyone without any app, now you must be wondering if this happens too, then yes it is absolutely possible.

For this, you just have to do some tinkering by going to the File Manager of your mobile, because whenever we see someone's status, it is downloaded first and is saved in your mobile for 24 hours. Follow the steps given below to download the status.

1 First of all open the File Manager on your mobile.

2. Now go to the Internal Storage section of your mobile and open the Whatsapp folder.

3. After going to Whatsapp, go to the folder with the last media, where all the photos and videos downloaded from your Whatsapp are saved.

4. In the folder containing media, you will see a folder named .statuses, open it.

5. Now all the statuses you have seen on your mobile within 24 hours, will be visible. Select the video or photo you want to save to keep them on your phone forever.

6. After selecting the file, you will get the option of Move below, click on it.

7. Now again go to the section with your Internal Shared Storage and paste it into whatever folder you want to save this status.

By doing just this, your status will be saved on your mobile, if you want, you can also check it by opening the gallery of your mobile.

best app to download WhatsApp status

Friends, in the third way we are going to use the Whatsapp Status Downloader App, from where you will be able to download the Whatsapp status of anyone. If you are not able to download status by both the above mentioned methods then this method is best for you.

1 .) Status Saver- 

1.) Download Status Saver from Playstore on your mobile. Friends, this is a very good Whatsapp Status Saver App, which has 5Cr+ downloads on Playstore.

2. After downloading, open the app on your mobile, as soon as it is opened, this app will ask you for some permissions, allow them.

3. After giving permission, a pop-up will appear, click on OK in it.

4. After this, all the statuses that your Whatsapp Contacts have put, will be visible here, click on any status you want to download or share.

5. After this, you will get Download, Share, and Whatsapp all three buttons under that photo or video, you can put any status from here on your Whatsapp Status and you can also download.

Friends, if you want to download the Whatsapp Status of your Friends or Contacts, then I do not think there will be an any better way than the above-mentioned methods. Now we also know about Whatsapp Status Saver App.

best app to download WhatsApp status

Friends, if you do not like downloading status from the above-mentioned app or you have any problem with downloading status, then here we are going to know about alternative apps also. You can also use them if you want.

By the way, you will find thousands of Status Downloader Apps on Playstore, but here we will tell you about the most used apps by the people.

  • Status Saver
  • Download Status - app to download Whatsapp status
  • Status Saver


Here In this post, we have told you how to download the WhatsApp status videos of others so you can download status by using these tricks.

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