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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Top 10 android tv brands in India

 Hello Readers

                Today's post is about the top 10 android tv brands in india that help you to choose a perfect smart tv for your home.

As time has passed, there have been many updates in technology and the result of these updates is this Android TV.

The demand for Android TV is increasing day by day in the market, due to which all the companies are launching their Android TV in the Indian market.

It gives the Android TV app access to features from within (like online gaming and online movie streaming) and everything you can do on your mobile, you can also do it on your Android TV.

All these Android TVs come with different specifications (2GB RAM, 16GB Storage, and 64bit Quad Core Processor) and their size is also different.

Just like you, people see the company for mobile, similarly, you should see the company for Android TV also.

Some companies that are in the field of mobile, the same company also launches Android TV, but apart from them, there are other companies, which you can see in our list.

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Top 10 android tv brands in india

Let's start

1. Sony

If you guys ever search for a camera or LCD tv then you really heard about the sony company.

This company launched so many TVs at different prices for example (Sony Bravia) it comes in so many different sizes like (139, 164, 215, etc).

 2. Redmi

Let us now come to our second choice which is Redmi is a very famous company in the low-budget mobile sector in India.

This company has also used the same pattern for the TV market. Redmi provides the best Android TV in the work price to its users, due to which this company has also made a special identity in the TV sector.

Like other companies, Redmi also launches different TVs with different specifications for example Redmi (2GB RAM + 16GB Storage) and size (43, 32, etc).


Samsung is our third choice, everyone in India must have heard the name of this company somewhere, this company is famous for its good quality product.

In the same way, this company is very famous for android tv, although there are many reasons for this its screen quality is above them all.

It has some examples (crystal 7 Series, Crystal 4K Series, etc.) and these smart TVs are also available at affordable prices.


If we are making a list of the best android tv brand in india then how can one miss the name of OnePlus, this company has made a different identity in the mobile sector in no time, and now in the TV sector also it is very much liked by the people.

This company has also launched some different series like (Y Series, Android 11 Series, etc) so you can also buy TVs from this company.

5.) LG 

If you are looking for an Android TV with a good screen, sound, and pixel quality then you can trust this LG as its pixel quality is much better than any other company.

The TV design of this company is also very good and eye-catching. one example is (LG 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 65C1PTZ (Dark Steel Silver) (OLED65C1PTZ ).

There is only one problem with this company and that is that the cost of TV is a little higher than the rest of the company's TV, it becomes difficult for people to buy it, otherwise quality wise this company can be the best option.

6. Toshiba

If we are talking about technology, then how can we forget the name of the Japanese company Toshiba, this company is already in the TV sector but its image in the LCD market is a bit down.

The reason for this is not the quality but the awareness among the people like OnePlus, Redmi, Samsung, and all those companies that make mobiles, that company leaves an impression on the Indian logo, which people like to buy the product of the same company.

Because Toshiba mobile phones do not come out, its power among the people is not as much as the rest of the company, but if you people want to buy a perfect Android TV then you can trust the company's TVs.

7.) Acer

acer android tv brands in India
 android tv brands in India

8.) Onida

Let us now come to our number 7 co. Acer must have heard the name of this company in its laptop market, this company is very famous for its powerful laptops. But the Android TV of this company is also making a mark in the market, and one of the reasons for this is its affordable price.

This company gives you more and more features in work money, but quality and quality are also a specialty of this company, so people can also take a look at Acer company's TVs.

Our 8th choice is Onida TV. Every Indian has fond memories attached to this company as this company has been famous in India for a long time.

Let me tell you an example, in the olden days when there was no TV in everyone's house, then people used to go to the TV shop to watch cricket matches, and that TV used to be of Onida.

Because of this, this company never needed marketing because everyone knew the name of this company.

You may have forgotten this company, but 30 to 45-year-olds will always remember this company.

Don't get me wrong that this company is still working, but Onida has launched its LED TVs in the market, which you can get at an affordable price, so if you too are thinking of buying LED and LCD TVs. If yes, then you can have it. A look at the products of this company.


(Some other brands are being tested, soon after some time the remaining three brands will also be added. .............................................)


We add the 7 best android tv brands in india but we are still searching for more so keep visiting our website for more updates.

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