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Friday, September 30, 2022

Best power bank brands in India

 Hello Readers

                Today's post is all about the information for the best power bank brands in india.

We write this post so that you can get information about all brands of power banks and identify which company's power bank can be good for you.

In today's time, the market of tech devices is very big and the trend of people's tech products is also very high and as you people know that all these tech devices run on battery (eg: smartwatch, mobile, etc.) It becomes very important to have a power bank with you.

Power banks in the market come with different power like 10000mah, 20000mah, 50000mah, etc so among all these you can choose a power bank according to your device.

The month in the power bank shows its capacity and tells how much charge your power bank can hold when it is fully charged.

Generally, power banks do two types of lights:

1.) Lithium - Polymer(Li-po)

2.) Litnium-ion (li-ion)

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) is an old technology but there is not much difference in the performance of both.

Now you guys know everything about a power bank so let's check out our list of the best brands for power banks.

best power bank brands in india

Here we add some famous brands for power banks in India:

1.) Mi Power Bank

Here we start our list with MI this company is very famous for its mobile phones and other accessories and a power bank is one of them.

Here we start our list with Mi. This company is very famous for its mobile phones and other accessories and the power bank is one of them.

The power bank of this company is budget-friendly, and everyone knows to buy a power bank easily themselves.

This company provides 10000 MAH power banks under 1000 rupees, which is a very good choice for the user, so if you are a budget-friendly power bank deck, then Mi can be a good option for you people.

2.) Philips power bank

I hope you people must have heard the name of this company because this company is the Indian market for all its ghost products like (trimmer, dry iron and many more) but do you know that philips also comes out with its own power bank. Which is quite powerful.

If you look, you will find that philips power bank with Lithium Polymer technology and with fast charging features is available in the market, just this company's power bank is a little costly like: 10000 month power bank you will get 1200 rupees Till can be found in the market, which is a bit costly among MI's comparison but power is soo good so check it's product also.

3.) URBN power bank

If you are looking for a stylish design power bank under 1500 then you can take a look at URBN power bank. URBN company provides you many stylish power banks that are too less cost.

This power bank is made in India which is a very good thing and the bank also works with new technology like their Wireless Power Bank which is a very good product then if you guys are looking for any power bank under 1000 rupees. So the power bank of URBN Company can be a good option for you.

4.) SYSKA Power bank 

If you guys are looking for a very low-cost power bank then you can go with SYSKA, this company provides you maximum power full power bank at the lowest price.  

Like Syska Power PRO 200 20000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank You can get this power bank up to Rs.1300 which is a good deal.

5.) ptron power bank

Let us start talking about the fifth choice which is pTron. This company can provide you a power bank under 500 which is a very attractive deal for all so if you are planning to travel for 2 or 3 days. If you are thinking then you can take it with you because it works great but the only problem is that it cannot charge your mobile very fast.

 I think this company has offered a power bank at such a price, which is a matter of praise in itself, why it is a bit difficult to have a power bank at such a low price, then you can ignore fast charging by this company. You can buy this product, but if you want fast charging, then increase the budget a little, this company has more good products.

6.) Croma

You can call Croma company a competitor of PTron because this company also sells its power bank in the market at a price of Rs 500 like Ptron, an example of this is: 12W Fast Charge 10000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank.

But Croma company also gives a 6-month warranty with its product, which you do not get in pTron.

So you guys can ask why I have placed pTron above croma, then there is only one answer to this. Performance Ptron's performance is a bit more in comparison to croma, that's why we have given 5th position to pTron.


here we add the 6 best power bank brands in india but we are still searching for more so keep visiting our website for more updates.

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