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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

comparison Between Scooty Pep vs Activa 5G

 Hello Readers 

              Today's post is about the comparison between Scooty Pep vs Activa 5G. This comparison will help you know which Scooty best suits your needs.

Here in this article, you can check the mileage, engine capacity, seat height, and maximum power and know which Scooty is the best for power and usage.

Both these companies hold a large share in the Indian market, Honda Activa comes first and TVs come second.

By the way, Honda Activa is more preferred by Indian users because the scooty of TVs is a bit thin and this scooty does not suit much on healthy people but the size of Activa is a little wider which is more preferred by boys.

But because of its slim look, the girls are more liked by the girls, that's why a cutthroat competition is seen between these companies.

Check out our list of all these scooty components and compare which scooty has the required power and parts.

Guide to compare scooty pep vs Activa 5g

1.) Mileage 

Your first step before you buy a scooter should be the mileage if you guys don't know what is milage then let me tell you "Mileage The distance covered by the vehicle per unit of fuel under certain conditions or conditions is called mileage. Or we can say that the distance covered by the vehicle in 1 liter of fuel under certain conditions or conditions is called mileage."

2.) Check CC

In any vehicle CC (Cubic Centimeter) is used to show the power of the engine of the vehicle.

So the more the car will be, the more power full will be the car of that vehicle, so before buying any scooty, it should be checked.

3.) Riding Range 

You should always check the riding range as it tells you how much a vehicle can travel once the fuel tank is full.

Now you know what to check now lets comes to the comparison again:

scooty pep vs Activa 5g

Let's start 

Components activa 5g TVS Pep
Engine Capacity 109.19 cc 87.8 cc
Mileage 50 kmpl 50 kmpl
Weight 109 kg 93 kg
Seat Height 765 mm 768 mm
Fuel Tank 5.3 liters 4.2 liters
Power 8 bhp 5.36 bhp
Cylinders 1 1
Clutch Automatic Automatic
Top Speed 83 Kmph 66 Kmph

TVS scooty pep Pros and cons

Pros Cons
it's good for small height person Its Engine Capacity is low as compared to active 5g
it's good for old people. Milage is so less as it price
fuel capacity is also low.
suspension setup could be better.
it's has a Dry - Centrifugal Clutch
Price is high

Activa 5G pep Pros and cons

you guys can check all pros and cons for activa 5G

Pros Cons
its milage is good Fan cooling is a little disappointing.
Activa could be used for a long-distance journey. The front power break isn't that good.
The top speed is good enough. The top part of the headlight is very weak.

Riding Range 

I have written the Riding Range separately because it has been told to you that once the full tank is full, how much distance can this Scooty travel?

TVS Scooty Pep Honda Activa 5G
210 Km 265 Km


Here in this compassion of TVS scooty pep vs Activa 5g you can clearly see  Activa 5g is a winner but you can also check our points and then you decide.


Q.1: TVs scooty pep plus on-road price?

Ans: ₹ 74,959.

Q.2:activa 5g average?

Ans: 60 km/l.

Q.3: activa 5g on road price?

ans: ₹ 55,448 approx.

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