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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

3 best chain lube for bikes in India

 This isn't the most important thing for your bike however, the most effective & best chain lube for bikes in India can be found to ensure that your components stay well-maintained and in peak condition for a longer period of time and in the long run, you'll get more enjoyment from your bicycle. This is why it's among the most important items to keep on hand at all times and shouldn't be neglected if you really want to see your bike healthy.

It doesn't matter if you're confident that you are aware of what to do to cleanse your bike or not and whether you decide to clean it with your hands or employ any of the top pressure washers designed for bikes in the end, the truth is that your chain needs to be properly lubricated to stop excessive wear and tear that is caused by friction between metal and metal.

It's common knowledge for every bike Ryder that a chain that is dirty will result in a loss of watts to your bike. However, it can also cost you cash in the end especially in India since a chain that is dirty will wear more quickly, and will reduce the life of chainrings and cassettes as well.

There are so many types of bike chain lubrication options for your bike; dry, wet ceramic, wax-based, paraffin wax, and several more. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right chain lube for your bike will largely depend on your location and what kind of ride you enjoy well we focus only on the best chain lube for bikes in India.

These chain lube for bikes could be bought from Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce platforms.

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best chain lube for bikes in India

1. Motul C2 Chain Lube 

best chain lube for bikes
best chain lube for bikes 

Motul 102981 C2 Chain Lube for bikes (400 ml) is used by most machines and bikers in India there's only one reason this lube Compatible with every kind of bike chain lime Standard, x-ring and Z-ring with o-ring, street motorcycles, go-karts, etc and this product is also good for Water, rust and thermal resistance.

Important Point:- 

clean your bike chain properly with a brush before using it.

2. Yamalube

Yamalube Chain Lube is also well known in India because its price is below 200 and it is affordable for everyone but this lube comes with a spray bottle so you have to spay this lube on bike chains but I don't recommend this lube for big or sport bikes like ktm, pulsar, duke and many more.


Anti-Corrosive and extreme pressure resistance.


Not a good option for sports bikes like ktm, pulsar, duke.

3. 3M chain lube for bikes

Well if you are searching for the best chain lube for bikes in India then you obesely heard that name because this company is also very famous for engine oil for 125cc bikes so how could we ignore it. You can see there is a cutthroat competition between Motul and 3M so please choose wisely.


  • It is very good and safe for O ring.
  • It gives smooth movement to the bike chain


Slightly costly.

FAQ For chain lube for bikes 

Q.1: best chain lube for Royal Enfield?

Ans:-  Motul C2 Chain Lube could be a good option. 

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