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Friday, May 13, 2022

[Best 5] engine oil for 125cc bike

 The importance of using the most effective motorcycle oil is not hidden from every one of us. And this is the only place you can sacrifice, and if are doing that, you're reducing the lifespan of your bike.

Everything needs good care for to live long as well as your bicycle.

The heart of your bike is its engine. If you fail to keep that it is always working flawlessly it is essential to use high-quality engine oil. Otherwise, your bike could turn into an attractive piece of junk in a short time.

First, let's find out what "x" as well as "y" signifies in engines oils.

  • The initial term, 'x,' is the viscosity value of the oil when the engine is kept cool. In this case it is possible to take the assumption that 0°C is.

  • The letter between, like "W" can be used define the phrase "winter."

  • The letter "y" is used to denote the number of viscosity of oil for a temperature that is engine-managing. For instance, you can take 100 ° Celsius.

First, let's find out what "x" or "y" is in relation to engine oils.

best engine oil for 125cc bike

1) Motul 7100 4T

If you're looking for an affordable and 100% synthetic engine oil to use on a bicycle, this is the answer. Motul 7100 4T can be one of the top engine oil to use on a 4 stroke bike, according to experts. It costs close to a thousands of rupees Motul 7100 4T has been the top popular 100% synthetic engine oil for bikes available in India.

This is a 4-stroke engine oil that has been designed to meet the most current specs of bike manufacturers in relation to API as well as JASO.


  • It was designed to provide an optimal synergy that results in less oil consumption. This helps less internal friction in the engine.
  • It will bring better performance from your bicycle.
  • This oil guarantees optimal performance of the clutch when you begin on your motorcycle.
  • The speed increases by a factor of ten, and you can reach faster speed.
  • API SN provides enhanced protection against high temperature deposits that will result in better control of sludge.

2.) Savsol Ultra 4T 10W-30 API MA2 SL JASO Engine Fluid for Four-Stroke High-Performance Bikes


  • Heat dissipation is very
  • Superior engine performance.
  • Excellent piston deposit control
  • Very efficient in terms of fuel consumption.
  • High-quality motorcycle engine oil specifically developed for premium air-cooled 4-stroke motorcycles.

3.) Motul 3100 Gold 4T Bike Engine Oil Review (Semi Synthetic) The best engine oil for bikes with 125cc in India

What do you think about engine oil that costs less than 500 rupees for 1.15 Liters of oil can offer such great protection to your bike engine from the heat? This isn't an actual fact. It's the result of real tests and experiments.

This semi-synthetic oil at a low cost does the same thing as synthetic oil. You can save money by using it. Utilize it and you'll see that your clutch will be tighter automatically.


  • This is the cheapest and the best engine oil for pulsars as well as Avengers. If you own one, do not spend a lot purchase the 1.15L Pack of Motul 3100 4T.

  • It enhances the capability of friction control.

  • The Motul engine oil designed for motorcycles provides adequate thermal resistance and stability.

  • After using this oil for engine Many North Indians have mentioned that the engines of their bikes started quickly even during the frigid wintertime.

  • The oil burns completely without causing damage to any of the components on your bicycle.

4.) Liqui Moly 2555 15W Engine Oil Review (Synthetic 1L) - Best engine oil for 150cc bike India

In the present, Liqui Moly is better than Castrol engine oil for those who ride Honda motorcycles. Did you know this? It's definitely true! With an almost 90 percent success rate and more than 50 Amazon user reviews Here is Liqui Moly 2555 Motorbike 15W Bike Engine Oil that proves its superiority.

Liqui Moly is among the leading brand names in the Indian motorcycle engine oil market, due to its outstanding oil packs and their prices are generally affordable. It is suitable for Royal Enfield Thunder Bird 500, Classic 500, Classic 350, ThunderBird 350, Racer, Bullet 500, Bullet 350, Pulsar 220, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 150, Bajaj Pulsar 220 NS Avenger 220 DTS-I Yamaha SZ-RR, SZS, FZ-S, FZ-16and Fazer and YZF-R15!


  • It's a good Synthetic blend (Technosynthese) that contains Ester 4-Stroke engine oil. Ester technology increases shear resistance, and provides smooth shifting.
  • This oil is a path to resistance to high temperatures.
  • It's the most efficient fuel oil that can be used on Hero Honda bikes.
  • Utilizing the oil you will be able to enhance the resistance of oil films in high temperatures.
  • The oil has a 6000 km changing interval. This is sufficient. This oil is produced in Germany.

5) Motul 3000 4T Plus 10W30 Engine Oil for Bikes


  • Specifications API SM, HC- Tech, JASO MA2 4-Stroke motorcycle oil
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Anti-wear reinforcement increases the longevity of the engine
  • Improve the lifespan of valves and spark plugs
  • Particularly recommended specifically for Hero, Suzuki, TVS, and Honda bikes and scooters with up to 150cc.

FAQ For best engine oil for 125cc bike in India

Q.1: which engine oil is best for 125cc bike?

Ans: Motul 7100 4T

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