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Thursday, July 7, 2022

4 best led headlight for bike in india

 Hi, riders these days bike riders are facing so many problems in India and motorcycle-related accidents are one of them these accidents happen because of low visibility which reduces your view field and makes it difficult for others on the road to be able to see you.

You can make sure that you ensure that you keep your vision on the roads at the top of the line by investing in the most effective motorcycle headlights that shine with superior brightness ahead to help you see well and avoid accidents that's why we made a list of best-led headlight for bike in India.

We've analyzed hundreds of motorcycle headlights that are aftermarket to determine their superior quality, visibility and easy installation. We've summarized our findings into our best-rated lighting options to use on your bike in India.

Well, we also made a list of best chain lube for bikes you can it out.

best led headlight for bike in India

1. AUTOPOWERZ LED Headlight Bulb with H4 Fitting for All Bikes.

If you ride your bike at the night then you heard about AUTOPOWERZ LED Headlight Bulb this led headlight is quite famous, especially for splendor plus bike because this headlight comes with High ( power = 40W) and Low Beam ( power = 20W).

Note:- if you are buying this headlight so please check your vehicle lighter socket in the bike headlight. It must be H4 Fitting.

Pros :
  • This light has Copper Housing Color
Cons :

  • This headlight comes with an h4 fitting.

2. Philips LED HS1

if you guys are searching for the a best led headlight for bike under your budget then Philips LED HS1 11636 Ultinon Essential Moto 12V could be a good option this headlight is a 6500 Kelvin Stylish white light that is compatible with 2 W models.

This headlight is also good for saving energy with Excellent Heat Dissipation.

pros :

high energy-saving property


Light is a little low in comparison to AUTOPOWERZ LED.

3. AUTOPOWER LED Headlight with Spotless 

AUTO POWER LED Headlight with Spotless and Bright DRL is also known as round led headlight for bikes in India which is very famous among riders and bike lovers specially for Royal Enfield and Bullet 350 riders. This light comes with (12V-80V)(75W) power which is very good.

This headlight also uses Low voltage [12V-80V DC] to operate this headlight but remember this light is only comparable for Royal Enfields bikes.

  • Use low voltage

Only compatibility with Royal Enfield classic 350, 500 cc, classic chrome, Electra, 350, 500, standard 350, 500 cc bikes.

4. NIKAVI NO2H LED Headlights

round led headlight for bike
best led headlight for bike in india

NIKAVI NO2H LED Headlights AC/DC Bulbs for Motorcycle - Low and High Beam Bulbs,(White) (NKVMHB001) is best if you are searching for a round led headlight for bike and this light comes with 4 led bulb which makes its high beam more bright.

This light could be operated on 9v 18v Dc Input Voltage and Focus Beam Pattern is very much perfect.

Pros :

  • Don't have Dark Spots or Foggy Lights that's why the beam is very focused
  • This light has 360 Waterproof and Ip65 Integrated Design.
  • Instant Full Brightness Without any delay

Cons :

  • due to the high beam, other riders may be affected by it which is quite dangerous so use low beam on normal roads.

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