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Friday, November 3, 2023

[List] Treasure Demons Persona 5 Royal Orlov Weakness

 Welcome back to our blog today we are going to talk about Persona 5 Royal Orlov's weakness so if you also like to play Persona 5 Royal and can't win over Orlov then you need to read this article because in this post we talk about Orlov's weakness.

Orlov is a Persona 5 royal treasure demon which is also known as the fifth Persona of the Strength Arcana and also known for its high Physical and Gun resistance, as well as this treasure demon in Persona 5 Royal also has immunity to all other elements.

Orlov can learn all six elemental Maiga skills which make it very powerful. Capturing Orlov is very challenging but if you can do that then it will increase the wearer's Endurance stat by 5 and grant them the High Counter passive skill.

Now let's come to the main topic.

Persona 5 Royal Orlov weakness

if you want to defeat Orlov then you should focus on using Curse skills like:

  • Megidolaon
  • Mudoon
  • Marakunda
  • Curse of the Elements

  •  Now another tip is that you can use the protagonist's special Down Shot skill which can definitely deliver a critical hit and can be used to exploit Orlov's weakness to Curse.

  • If you guys don't have down shot skill then you can use lucky punch or miraculous punch due to its high critical rates but remember it would be difficult to defite Orlov.

strategy for defeating Orlov in Persona 5 royal

Well, there is only one strategy that can be used which I used to defeat Orlov:

  • Use a Down Shot to knock Orlov down.
  • Use your other party members who can use curse skills to attack it.
  • If Orlov gets back up then use Down Shot again or another Physical attack with a high critical rate.
  • Continue attacking Orlov with Curse skills until it is defeated.


We talk about Orlov weaknesses now let's take a look at its Strengths:

  • High Physical and Gun resistance
  • Immune to all other elements
  • Can learn all six elemental Maiga skills


Here in this post, we add all Orlov weakness persona 5 so if you want to defeat Orlov then you should look at its Orlov weakness which is pointed out in our article.

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