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Thursday, October 26, 2023

[Solved] Can You Use DDR5 RAM on DDR4 Motherboard

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                    Today we are going to answer your question "can you use ddr5 ram on the ddr4 motherboard".

As you guys know DDR5 RAM was released in 2021 and people are thinking about buying this RAM but the only problem is that people don't know that DDR5 RAM can be used on ddr4 motherboard Or not. 

That's why we write this post in this post we talk about the reason and difference between DDR5 and DDR4 so let's start.

can i use ddr5 ram on ddr4 motherboard?

If I put it in simple words the answer is "NO" because DDR5 RAM is not backward compatible with DDR4 motherboards and that's why you can't use  DDR5 RAM with DDR4 motherboards.

If you guys already bought a motherboard then check our list of DDR 4 motherboard that doesn't support DDR5 RAM.


  • Z690
  • H670
  • B660
  • H610


  • X570
  • B550
  • A520


Now let me tell you about the key differences between DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. These differences will help you to know why can't you use ddr5 ram on the ddr4 motherboard.

Pin count288288
Maximum frequency5600 MHz6400 MHz
Data transfer rate45.76 GB/s51.2 GB/s


I hope you get your answer why can't you use ddr5 ram on the ddr4 motherboard. If you want to use DDR5 RAM then purchase a motherboard that is specifically designed for DDR5 RAM

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