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Friday, September 15, 2023

Best Place To Find M24 In Erangel Map PUBG

 Hello Gamers 

                       Today we are going to talk about the best place to find m24 in Erangel map PUBG mobile.

As you guys know M24 is a sniper gun that is well-known for its damage and performance many people use a combo of an AR Gun and an M24 as a sniper so if you are one of them then you should read this post.

In this post, we will tell you the location where you can find M24 so let's start it.

Best place to find M24 in pubg

1.) Sosnovka Military Base :-

This place is quite famous on the Erangel map. You can almost every gun on Military Bases (M24, Kar98, M@$( and many more) because we are focusing on the M24 so let me tell you that the M24 can be found in barracks, watchtowers, and the central warehouse.

2.) Georgopol:

Now comes our second choice Georgopol. If you are going to Georgopol then you can check the rooftops and the larger buildings for a chance to come across an M24.

3.) Novorepnoye:

Novorepnoye has so many tall buildings like Georgopol so if you are in Novorepnoye then check in the apartments or atop rooftops for M24.

4.) Cave Complexes: 

You can find so many Cave Complexes on Erangel Map such as the one near the quarry Sometimes this area has good loot, including the M24 so if you are passing Cave Complexes near the quarry then you can check for M24 sniper.

If you are enable to find an M24 in any place then the last option is Air Drops.


Here in this post, we add someplace to find m24 in PUBG so if you love to snipe then you can read this post and find the finest sinper in PUBG mobile.

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