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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Unleash Power: Best Extension Board For Gaming PC

 Hello Gamers 

                         Today we will talk about the best extension board for gaming PCs. If you're an avid gamer then you know that an extension board is a critical component for a gaming step-up that's why in this post we select some extension boards for gaming PCs.

Buying Guide for best extension board for gaming pc

There is a problem with voltage up and down in India, so you should check all these features before buying any extension board. 

  • Wattage and Power Rating:

The general power rating should be at least 1200 watts but you can also buy a higher one.

  • Surge Protection

Surge Protection is also very crucial for any gaming extension board because of Surge Protection your computer can be saved for power surges or lightning strikes.

After checking these two you can check other features according to your needs (like USB Ports and number of Outlets).

Now let's start our list:

Best Extension Board For Gaming PC

Let's start:

1.) Hoteon Extension Cords

Now comes our First choice which is the Hoteon Extension board. This option is perfect for gamers because this board comes with 3 USB Ports 3 Way Outlets Power Strips Surge Protection Black Extension Lead with 1.6 Meters.

Now let's check the feature:

Multiple Protection- Built with high-quality components and enhanced circuitry
- Anti-thunder Protection and Surge (overload) Protection ensure household electric appliances
- Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, and short-circuiting
Superior Construction- Made with Anti-Fire material using high-quality ABS
- Standard Copper Design
- High Temperature Resistant and fire protection
- suitable for home or office use
Childproof Design- Creative jack protection cover design with a safety door for protecting young children
- Effectively prevents children from electric shock by blocking access to plug sockets
3 USB Ports- Standard USB interface for charging up to 3 USB-powered devices simultaneously
- Automatically detects and delivers the appropriate charging rate for different devices
- Compatible with smartphones, iPads, tablets, power banks, e-readers, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, PCs etc.
Overload Protection- Specially designed overload protector for safety
- Automatically detects the operating current of each device
- Disconnects power supply when the total current exceeds the rated current
Warranty- Warranty covers the extension board only, not connected devices

2.) iBELL SG505X5 5 Way Extension Cord/Board

Now let's talk about our second choice iBELL SG505X5 this board comes with five outlets, a power capacity of 2500W, a maximum current capacity of 10A, and more.

These features are quite good for heavy-duty extension boards for example gaming CPUs and coolers etc.

Number of Outlets5-way outlets for multiple device connections
Maximum Power Capacity2500W
Maximum Current Capacity10A
Cord Length5 meters (16.4 feet) long power extension cord
Individual SwitchesYes (Individual switches for each outlet)
LED IndicatorYes (LED indicator to show power status)
ColorNot specified
Childproof DesignNot specified
Surge ProtectionNot specified
Overload ProtectionYES
Warranty6 Month Warranty

3.) EMBOX 10A Extension Board

Now comes our third choice which is EMBOX 10A Extension Board. This board comes with 4 Universal Sockets and 3 USB (2.4 A) Charging Ports with an Indicator, 2500W Heavy Duty Cable, and Individual Switch.

Now If we talk about other features:

Energy Conservation- Shuts off devices individually when not needed to conserve energy and save money
- Eliminates the need for frequent unplugging and reduces the risk of overloading
- Protects units from overheating, extending the life of chargers/adapters, and reducing fire hazards
USB Ports- 3 USB ports with a quick charge speed of up to 2.4A
- Automatically detects connected devices for efficient charging
More Protections- Made from fire-resistant materials
- High-quality components for added safety
Outlet and USB Capacity- 4 outlets and 3 USB ports available for simultaneous device recharging
Versatile Usage- Ideal for various applications, including charging mobile devices, laptops, battery chargers, etc.
- Suitable for devices without an on/off switch
Usage Scenarios- Perfect for use in aquariums, college dorm rooms, cruise ships, offices, and homes


Here in this post, we add some best extension boards for gaming PCs so if you are setting up a gaming PC then you should read this post till the end.

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