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Thursday, November 3, 2022

how to unlock samsung phone without losing data

Hello Readers

                     Today's post is all about how to unlock the Samsung phone pattern.

 Here I will tell you about breaking the lock of Samsung mobile, Samsung is a well-known company in phones, and many people all over the world use Samsung mobiles if we talk about India. So this company is very old, it has been more than 50 years since this company came to India and many models of Samsung have come inside the market, Samsung is a very advanced company and its mobile security is also very tight.

so if we talk about breaking the lock of this phone, then it is very difficult because Samsung uses that software in its phone, in which, without any ID, you can not break the people of its home screen. But don't worry, in today's article, I will tell you some such methods, by which you will be able to break the lock from the old Samsung mobile to today's new advanced Samsung mobile.

You have to follow these methods within the steps, we have given you some steps below, with the help of which you will be able to break the lock of a Samsung mobile very easily, the method of breaking the lock depends on the model of every Samsung mobile, some Methods are applicable to every model, but some models are very advanced, for this some modern methods will be applied to them, with the help of which their people will be broken, those methods we have also told you below.

So let's start this article today and explain to you the complete way to unlock a Samsung phone.

how to unlock a samsung phone

Now I will tell you a method that is applicable to almost every Samsung model, but mainly it is more effective on the old model of Samsung because the security of the old model is not that tight, then cracking their security also It is very easy, so in this way, you will be able to break your people very easily by cracking their security, so let us tell you about those steps stepwise:-

  • By Wipe Data
  • Samsung Reset By Using Code

how to unlock a samsung phone without losing data

In this method, all the data of your Samsung mobile is deleted and if you log in with your old Gmail inside it, then your data will not be deleted else all your data should be saved inside your Gmail, then you can restore the phone. You can also recover it by opening it.

Otherwise, Wipe means All Erase, which means that, after deleting all the data on your phone, your phone works like a new phone, this method is also called hard reset, because your data inside it is completely destroyed, so let us now tell you about the steps of this method, which is as follows:-

  • First of all, people should switch off their phone.
  • After that press the Power button of that phone and the Volume-Up key together until the phone restarts.
  • Now a Recovery Menu will open in front of you.
  • Inside this, you have to click on the option of Wipe Data, which you will do with the help of volume buttons.
  • Now all the options of Yes or No will come in front of you, out of which you have to click on Yes Delete All User Data.
  • Now you have to click on Reboot System Data, which you will do with the help of Volume Buttons.
  • After which the mobile reset will start and your lock will be broken in a while.
  • With this easy way, you can reset your Samsung mobile very easily, later you can recover your data by setting your Gmail ID inside it, so let us now tell you more ways, by which Samsung mobile can be reset.

How to Unlock with Samsung mobile reset code

This method is also very easy, inside this all the data of your mobile gets deleted and your phone is reset and with this, the lock of your phone is also broken, inside this method you have to follow some more steps. If not, then let us now tell you, which is that code:-

  • *2767*3855#

But keep in mind that, this code will delete all your data and operate your phone as firmware, inside it all the important data of your phone will be deleted, which includes all these things:-

  • Google Account Setting
  • Application Data
  • Install App

So you use this code only after keeping all these things in mind, otherwise, you can also reset your phone by using the methods mentioned above.


Here in this post, we have discussed some ways to unlock a Samsung phone, so if you also want to unlock your Samsung mobile then you can read this article

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