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Thursday, November 3, 2022

how to download music from youtube on android

Hello Readers 

                           Today's post is all about how to download music from youtube on android. 

 nowadays everyone watches the video on YouTube because there are so many videos on YouTube like Technology, Comedy, Educational, etc among them people like to watch videos on YouTube according to their preferences, and apart from watching videos on YouTube, people also upload videos on YouTube by creating their own channels and videos on YouTube. 

Apart from this, movies are also available to be seen and there is something to learn apart from this, we go and search on YouTube about the same thing and we get videos on YouTube about the same thing.

And we learn what we want to learn by watching that video, and as such we do a little search on Google to know about anything with this, we also search on YouTube and YouTube is a product of Google. Sometimes when we listen to a song on YouTube and after listening, we start liking voy voy Song very much and we like to download that song on our device in Mp3 Format but voy voy Song Video Format on YouTube. And there is no such feature to download the video from YouTube and save it on your device's gallery, then you can download the song from YouTube in Mp3 format and save it on YouTube by downloading the video from YouTube.

And you can watch that video offline later, but that video will not be saved on your device by saving it on youtube.

 You are not able to download the song in Mp3 format, if you also do not know how to download music from youtube to your phone, then through this article, you will get to know about it how to download music from youtube on android.

 here in this article we also tell about some websites that could help you to download youtube videos so keep reading.

how to download music from youtube on android

Step-1. First of all, open the Youtube application on your phone or YouTube in your browser.

Step-2. Now search the video for which you want to download Mp3 Song.

Step-3. Copy the link from the share button of the video. If you have opened YouTube in a browser, then you can copy the link from the search bar.

Step-4. Now open Ytmp3.cc website in any browser.

Step-5. A box will appear on the home page of the website, paste the copied link inside this box.

Step-6. Now select the option of Mp3 given below. And click on the Convert button. If you want, you can also download the video in mp4 from here.

Step-7. Now click on the download button. Now, the Mp3 Download of your video will be done successfully.

how to download music from youtube to a computer

Friends, if you have a computer/laptop and you want to download Mp3 Song from YouTube in them and you are not aware of it, then I would like to tell you some information, the first way we have told you here. 

How To download music from youtube to your phone by using a website now let's know about how to download songs on a laptop windows 10.

 you can go to any browser and search by typing Youtube video to Mp3 Download, now many websites will appear in front of you, and you can download and convert by pasting the link of your video on any website.


Here in this post, we discuss some tricks to download music from youtube on android and computers, so if you also want to download youtube videos then you can follow the above steps.


Q.1) can you download music from youtube?

Ans: Yes.

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