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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

best air purifier under 10000 For Home

 Hello readers 

                  Today's post is all about the best air purifier under 10000.

After the pandemic, you can see a sudden boom in the air purifier products market.


People are now more aware of cleaning and nowadays try all kinds of cleaning products and air purifier is one of them.

In this field too, many companies launch their products in the market, and you get to see the competition between all these companies with the help of this competition, you can get a good product at the least price.

But these products are new in the market so some people don't know how to choose a perfect air purifier that's why we add a buying guide and list of best air purifier for delhi in this article.

Buying Guide for best air purifier For home

There are several important points that you should keep in your mind while buying an air purifier 

Room Size – Whenever you make up your mind to buy an air purifier, first definitely check the size of your room. If you are looking to buy a purifier for your bedroom or study room, then only a beginner-level purifier will do the job.

But if you want to buy a purifier for a large room size, then you will have to spend a little more money. For this, you have to buy one big or two small purifiers. Almost all purifiers are shown how much area they can work effectively.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – CADR i.e. Clean Air Delivery Rate is an international scale to measure the efficiency of a purifier. It is calculated on the basis of the area of ​​the room. It shows the time taken by a purifier to purify the air. That is, we can find out from this how much time a purifier can clean the air.

Asthma and Allergy-Friendly Certification – There are many purifiers available in the market that claim to block allergy-causing substances. But this claim can also be exaggerated. Therefore, a certification program has been prepared by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America in collaboration with Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) to make the right decision. Before certifying any product, they go through several tests to know whether the air purifier is capable of removing most of the harmful particles or not.

Once the purifier passes all the tests under the program, it is given an “asthma & allergy friendly®” mark. This certification assures you of a quality product with superior air filtration capabilities and shows that it is perfect for allergy sufferers.

Filtration System – The filtration system is the main part of a purifier. Most entry-level purifiers come with a three-layer filter system. This includes pre-filters, HEPA filters, and carbon filters. They work to remove pollutants, dust particles, and odors present in the air.

In some purifiers, these three filters are installed separately, while in some they are connected together to the same filter system.

Pollution Indicator – Most of entry-level purifiers are equipped with an LED indicator system, which shows the air quality. All the new models of purifiers that are available in the market, of them, have a digital display system. Through this, you can know the actual level of air quality. With its help, you can find out when to run the purifier at the maximum level and when to reduce it.

Filter Replacement – ​​The main job of an air purifier is to clean the air and it is the responsibility of the air filters. That's why most filters last only a few months and have to be replaced with new ones. So we should also know the cost of replacement of these filters so that pocket money does not increase later.

Remote Control – Most air purifiers come without a remote control. So every time you have to wake up to enable/disable the function or change the mode. Therefore, while choosing the purifier, take special care that the remote control system is installed. There are also some smart air purifiers in the market, which you can easily control via Wi-Fi with the help of an app.

Noise Level – Most air purifiers that come with HEPA filters produce noise between 35 and 70 decibels. This noise level depends on your operational settings. Therefore, if you want to sleep peacefully, then choose a purifier that makes less noise.

best air purifier under 10000

Let's check out the list :

1.) Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier
Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Let us start this list with our first choice which is the Philips air purifier. You must have heard the name of this company sometimes because there are many such products of this company which are used in your daily life.

For this reason, this company is very famous among people, so if you are also looking for a good and cheap purifier, then you can choose Philips AC 1215/20 Air Purifier.

This purifier is cheap and comes with many features:

1.) Firstly it is automatic so you don't need to do anything and this product automatically checks and cleans the air quality.

2.) This product comes with 4 Stage Filtration like pre-filter, activated carbon filter & double layered H13 Grade TRUE HEPA Filter.

3.) It also comes with an air quality indicator (Blue light means the air is clear and purple for medium) so that you could know about the air quality.

4.) It helps to remove the airborne H1N1 virus.

5.) This product will help to reduce allergies and breathing issues.


  • The price is low.
  • it comes with night & automatic mode


  • The noise of the fan can be clearly heard at night, which makes it difficult to sleep.

2.) Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700 Air Purifier 

Eureka  purifier under 10000

Now we come to our second choice which is Eureka. The reason we added this company's product to our list is its features and price.

 This air purifier gives you many features at a low cost and the warranty of this product is also 5 years which is very attractive.

This product could be the best choice for your room and office because it covers 602 Sq. Ft. area.

It also costumes less electricity because of its low-watt motor (43 Watts).

Now let's jump to its features:

1.) This product comes with H1N1 Swine Flu Resistant Filter + Lung Filter + Anti-Bacterial Filter.

2.) this air purifier is also Certified By the Asthma Society of India.

3.) This product comes with an advanced timer mode (8 Hours).

Filter replacement cost will be 3000


  • Noise Is a little less in comparison to Philips.
  • It comes with 6 stages of filtration & 5 Years Warranty on the Motor.


  • The filter cost is too high.

3.) Voltas VAP26TWV Air Purifier

If you are looking for the best air purifier under 7000 then you can choose Volta's air purifier.

Even though this product is a bit cheap, but you get to give a lot of features in it, and 6 Stage Filteration is one of them.

    You get all kinds of filters (Prefilter, Activated Carbon Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, H-13 HEPA Filter, UVC LED, Ionizer) in air purifiers which makes this product even more advanced but apart from this the product also comes with many more features.

1.) This product comes with a CADR: of 200 m³/hr and a coverage area of 24m² so you can use this product for a small room.

2.) This product also gets an ionizer filter which makes it an advanced purifier.


  • It has 6 filters.
  • very low price.


  • You have to update its software many times otherwise it shows a fixed reading of 008.
  • Customer support is a bit slow.


Here in this article, we sum up 3 of the best air purifiers under 10000, so if you are searching for an air purifier you can read our buying guide and the pros and cons of the product.

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