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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

how to transfer contacts from android to android

Hello Readers 

                   Today's post is all about how to transfer contacts from android to android.

Whenever you want to get a new phone, you have to transfer the contact numbers of your old phone to the new phone, which sometimes causes some problems for some people.

transfer contacts from android to android
transfer contacts from android to android

To overcome the same problem, we have written our today's article.

here in this article, we will tell you some methods with the help of these methods you can transfer contacts from android to android so keep reading.

how to transfer contacts from android to android

Let's go with our first method

how to import contacts from a google account to the phone

The first way is to import all the numbers on your email with the help of email.

how to upload contact on e-mail

  • First of all, log in to the email on your mobile to which you want to upload all your contacts to the email.
  • Now after this, come to the contact and click on the three-dot you see above in the contact.
  • Click on Import/Export.
First of all, you have to export all your contacts here, click on Export to Storage and a file will be downloaded to your system with .vcf extension.

Now it comes to how to upload this file to an email, then right above it you see an option of import from storage, click on it.

  • Here you will be seeing the email that you have logged in to, if it is not visible then open the email manager and go there and try again by turning on contact backup from personal information.
  • Select this email and in the storage, you are seeing the file with .vcf extension in recent click on it and click on OK this will upload all the contacts to your email.

So, friends, we have learned how you can upload your contacts via email, after uploading, when you log in to this email on another mobile, then all your contacts will be exported there. 

how to transfer contacts from android to android using Bluetooth

Friends, as you saw above that you can transfer all the contacts of your mobile to another mobile with the help of email, but that process is a bit long because there we have to upload all the contacts on the email first and then later on this email If you keep exporting all your contacts to other mobiles, then this process is a bit long. Let's know.

This is a little easy method because here you just have to download a file and transfer it to another mobile, you can transfer it with the help of Bluetooth, after transferring to another mobile, click on transfer file and It will transfer all your contacts to your mobile, let's know step by step all its process. How to transfer contacts from mobile to mobile

  • First of all, come to the contact, here you will get 3 dot something like this click on it.
  • Import / Export is written, click on it.
  • Here first you have to click on Export to Storage. By clicking on it, a file will be downloaded, if it does not happen. Back the mobile and long press the contact application, then you will get app information. Here there is an option for permission, go to permissions and allow storage/file storing.
  • You have downloaded the above file, now send this download file to the mobile in which you want to upload all your numbers, if you want to share this file on any other mobile, then you can share it here with the help of Bluetooth. After sharing, as soon as you open this file in that mobile, you will get the option of import whether you want to import it, then click on OK there like you will click on OK for all your Numbers will be imported.

Friends, if for some reason the bus is not imported, then go to the contact and click on the three-dot here you see the option of import, click on this import, will click on import to Storage, and select the file that you have from BlueTooth Click on it, click on OK, all your contacts will be imported.


Here in this post, we discuss two methods for how to transfer contacts from android to android if you are also searching for it then read our full article.

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