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Saturday, October 29, 2022

How to solve hanging problem in android

Hellow readers

                   Today's post is all about how to stop my phone from hanging.

Although there are some apps that can be used to solve the problem of hanging, in this post we have talked about the tips and tricks to solve the problem of hanging.

So if you want to solve the problem of hanging without an app then you can follow the steps given in our post.

Why does a mobile phone hang?

Samsung, MI, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, Realme or any other company's Android mobile is the problem of being hung in everyone. Whether it is to pay electricity bill online, recharge mobile or do shopping, we do all our work through the installed app in mobile. Due to which many applications are installed in our phone and whenever any app works, they use some part of ram. When a large app size is open at the same time as compared to the inability of ram, then the phone hangs. There are also some other reasons for the phone to stop at one place which are given below.

  • Keeping many applications open at the same time causes RAM to become full.
  • Installing all the apps and games in the internal memory of the phone itself, due to which the phone memory becomes full and there is a problem of phone hanging.
  • Installing a new app that the phone does not support.
  • mobile software not updating
  • Even if the virus enters the phone, the phone starts hanging.
  • Playing heavy games on the phone.

how to solve the hanging problem in android

1. Remove unnecessary apps from mobile

The more applications there are in the phone, the more likely the mobile will hang. Therefore, delete whatever unnecessary apps are in your smartphone. Because when an app has been put in your phone, even if you are not using it, many times it keeps running in the background due to which the phone can slow down.

If you have an Android mobile, then you can remove any app by going to the app option from its settings.

2. Free up internal memory

When the internal memory of the phone gets full, it affects the working of the phone a lot. Because when the memory becomes full then the speed of reading and writing data through mobile becomes very slow. Due to which the mobile hangs. So if your phone's memory is full, then delete the extra app, video, photos or any other media file which is not needed much from it. A better option is to copy them to your computer before deleting all those files.

3. Mobile Software Update

If your phone is hanging again and again, then check once whether you have phone up to date or not. Meaning you have to see whether your mobile has the latest software updated or not. When there is a bug in a phone, then yo mobile company sends a software update to solve that bug problem, which gets fixed after installing it.

You can update mobile by going to About Phone from your phone setting. To know in detail see the post given below.

4. Clear App Cache

Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Flipkart and other apps store a lot of data in the form of cache. And with time it increases, which affects the performance of the phone and the problem of app crash and hang starts coming. Therefore, after some time you should keep clearing the cache in the phone. By doing this many times you can read to login to those apps again and old files of an app can also be deleted.

5. Restart / Reboot Phone

You must have noted that when you restart the phone after a long time and the phone starts working slow, then the phone becomes fast after restarting the phone. This is because when the phone is turned off, all the applications running in the background are closed and the ram is cleared, so that the phone works well after it is turned on. Whenever you face the problem of hanging, restart the phone.

6. Move Apps to External Storage

If you want to stop your phone from hanging then you can also follow this easy step

   Many apps get installed in the internal memory of the phone, and the memory gets full, due to which the phone hangs. The good thing is that we can move any already inserted app to the external ie memory card. This will increase the free space in the internal memory and the phone will start working smoothly.


Here we add 6 tips to solve the problem of hanging in mobile, if you are also facing the problem of hanging then you can try these tips. 

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