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Monday, October 31, 2022

best room heater under 1000 In India

Hello Readers

                  Today's post is all about the best room heater under 1000 in India.

As you all know that winter is the season in India and heater sale is the highest in this season.

The price of heaters in the market can go from 800 to 10000 but in this post, we have talked about heaters up to 1000 and have prepared a list with the help of which you can choose a perfect room heater.

Here you can take a look at some of the best heater features and their pros and cons.

Here we have also added some companies which are very famous for their electronics products in the Indian market (For example bajaj,havells room heater, etc).

But before you choose a heater, let's take a look at the buying guide that tells you what a good product should have. 

Buying Guide for best room heater under 1000


While buying any heater, we should try to get a maximum-watt heater for minimum money.


We should buy a heater whose motor is capable of delivering hot air everywhere in every corner of the room.


You should first check the plastic of each heater as poor quality plastic tends to melt after a short period of time.


You should also check in your heater that it is not making a noise when the heater is running (Littel noise is common).

Service Center

Although it is a bit difficult for all companies to have a service center, the service center of any company can also support you on a support call. So check whether these companies are providing their customer support number or not.

best room heater under 1000

Let's start list:

1.) Bajaj Radiant Room Heater

Bajaj Radiant Room Heater
Bajaj Radiant Room Heater

Let us start our list with a very well-known and trusted company Bajaj, this company manufactures many electronic products including room heaters that's why we add Bajaj Radiant Room Heater to our list.

This heater is very cheap and economical but if your room is big then you cannot use this heater, even if you use this heater it takes a lot of time to heat the room. So if your room is small then only you should buy this heater.


This product may be for a small room but it also has many features.

1.) it has Nickel Chrome Plate which is the best heating element.

2.) This product comes with 1000 Watts whcih is quite powerful.

3.) This product is sufficient for 12*12 rooms.

  • Customer service is very good.
  • Very effective for small areas or rooms.


  • It doesn't come with a temperature controller, so if you want to lower the temperature, you'll need to turn off the heater.
  • If you use this heater in an open area then it attracts mosquitoes.
  • uses a lot of electricity.

2.) Activa Room Heater

Activa room heater is our second choice, its new and modern design attracts a lot of people and its price is also very affordable as we mentioned in our first choice bajaj radiant room heater that all 1000 rupees heater is for small rooms.

So expecting more from these heaters can hurt your expectation, you should use these heaters only for small rooms.

Let us now see what features these heaters come with:

1.) This product comes with overheating safety protection so you don't have to worry about overheating problems.

2.) This heater comes with two heat control modes i.e. 1000W and 2000W.

3.) it also comes with a Thermal cut of to produce this heater from heating issues.

4.) It also comes with 2000 Watt power which is quite useful for medium rooms.


  • Comes with a modern design.
  • plastic quality is good.


  • Do not use it for a long time, even if you do, then do it on the option of 1000 watts.

3.) SaiEllin Handy Heater

If you are looking for a small room heater under 1000 then you can choose this heater is very useful if your room is very small and you want a heater for less money then this is the best option for you.

This heater may be small but it comes with many features:

1.) This heater is a portable wall heater that can be connected via a switchboard.

2.) It would take almost 10 min to warm your room.

3.) this product also comes with thermal control so don't worry about overheating problems.

4.)you can also Adjust the Temperature in it. 


  • Very Affordable,
  • It also comes with thermostat control monitors.


  • it can't be used for big rooms.


Here we create a list of the best room heaters under 1000 with their pros and cons so if you are searching for a heater then you can check our list and choose the perfect product for your room.

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