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Monday, October 31, 2022

how to use utorrent to download movies on android

 Hello Readers

                  Today's post is about how to download movies from utorrent in mobile.

But when you download anything from torrent, you should scan the file and then use that file.

Because any file may contain a virus which can harm your mobile so scan the file.

how to download movies from utorrent
how to download movies from utorrent

Let us tell you here that with the help of torrent you can download any file from the internet. We can search torrent files through the Utorrent search engine. And then we can download it to your computer. But most people resort to simple websites to download movies, software, apps, and many more files. Many of these sites are legal. And many are illegal. which are not considered safe in terms of security.

But we download from torrent. So it's safe. So if we talk about downloading from torrent websites in a safe way, then Torrent Kickass Proxy is the best and most popular torrent site for us.

What is Torrent

Torrent is a way to download any file from the Internet. Through this, you can download any kind of file, game, or movie. Here you will find almost all types of files to download. Many such files that you will not find anywhere. But this file will be found very easily on torrent. It is very easy to download any file from here.

So whatever file we download in torrent. It is not saved on any server. Rather, many computers on the Internet are connected to each other through torrents. And all these files are stored here on the peer.

 Overall, the files we download with the help of torrents. That file is saved on different computers and we download it from there through peers.

But if we want to download anything from torrent, then we need a torrent application, this application is called a client. We can download the avenger's endgame torrent and new Hindi movie torrent download etc from torrent through this client. By now you must have understood how torrent works? Now we will go further to know which are torrent clients.

Which are torrent clients? 

Friends, till now two types of clients are most famous for downloading any torrent file. So because of them, we can download torrent files very easily. According to us, there are only 2 torrent clients. which is the best. which are like this.

  • Utorrent Client
  • BitTorrent

What is Utorrent Client?

In a way, we can also call it a torrent search engine. With its help, we can search all types of files. So this is a kind of torrent application. With the help of this, we can download all types of torrent files.

This is the most popular torrent client. Its interface is very simple. Utorrent in India is more useful for downloading new Hindi movie torrents. With its help, we can download and upload files from one computer to another. It does not require any type of server.

So if you want to download movies with its help. So first you have to download a torrent extension file. Whose size is in KB? And then open it from u torrent. For example, if you want to download a Simmba movie, then search by typing Simmba full movie download Utorrent in any web browser. And then download the torrent extension file and open it with Utorrent.

how to download movies from utorrent in mobile

Now we will tell you here how can download movies from torrent websites?

  • First of all download any one of the two torrent clients mentioned above and install it on your mobile or desktop.
  • Now whatever you want to download in any browser of your mobile or desktop. Type in it and then search by typing torrent.
  • But for example, I have to download Kabir sing movie. So I will search for the torrent file by typing Kabir sing movie torrent in the browser.
  • After this many torrent files will be visible to you in the browser. You can download the file of this movie by visiting any of these.
  • After this, you click on this file and open it with your client. After this movie will start downloading in your torrent client.
  • So you will find many such torrent websites on the internet from where you can download Hindi movies with the help of Utorrent.

Best Torrent site to download Movies

There are some websites using which you can download movies and TV series now take a look:

  • RARBG Website
  • EZTV

Note:- Always remember that you should use VPN before downloading any movie.


Here in this post, you will learn how to download movies from utorrent on mobile with steps, so if you don't know how to use Utorrent on android then read our article.

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