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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Best Way to remove background noise from video online free

 Hello Readers

                   Today's post is about the list of background noise removal apps and software.

In today's time, many companies are making people aware of their products by opening their YouTube channels.

Similarly, some influencers are also increasing the number of viewers through their YouTube channels.

I will give you an example


You guys can take the example of a teacher, nowadays teachers record their classes and upload them on YouTube and earn from you.

The advantage of these YouTube videos is that the company or any influencer comes into the eyes of the people and makes a mark in the market.

But to make this recognition your video quality should be very good but video quality depends on many factors and background noise is one of them.

If the sound quality in your video is not good or due to background sound in the video there are frequent disturbances then it is not a good sign.

So to solve this problem, there are many background noise removal apps available in the market, which you can solve this problem.

Some of them are free background noise removal software and some are paid so you can choose according to your need.

Now let's start our list:

background noise removal app 

Let's go

1.) Video Noise Reducer

If you are searching for a free background noise removal app then you can use Video Noise Reducer.

This app is also very easy to use, even if you have no technical knowledge, you can still use it to remove background sound from your videos.


  • You can adjust the background noise by adjusting the frequency.
  • Doesn't affect video quality.
  • This app is free of cost.


  • There are many ads in this app.
  • The interface design is good but a bit unattractive because of the ads.

2.) Audacity

Now coming to our second choice which is Audacity, it is a well-known platform in the world and a professional tool for background noise removal.

So many professionals use this tool to adjust their audio files and you can even say that this is the best app to remove background noise from audio.


It is open source so anyone can use it.

  • You do not have to pay any cost to use this tool.
  • you can also adjust the volume according to your requirements.
  • If you face any problem in using it then you can visit the forum and ask for help.
  • This platform provides you a wide range of audio editing tools like fade in and out, invert, and many more.


  • This tool lacks advanced features.

3.) media.io

if you are searching for background noise removal online then you can go to media.io website this platform offers you a free service for background noise removal.

You can easily remove wind, hiss, or humming noise from your videos without affecting your video quality.

This platform also provides a lot of services but not all of them are free so pay a small amount for their work if you need their services.


  • Very easy to use You can remove unwanted noise within just three steps (Upload, Remove, and download).
  • Basic features are free.


  • Watermark issue.


Here we add some of the best software to remove background noise from videos for free so that you can check the pros and cons of these softwares and then use it.

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