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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

best car bluetooth receiver in india

Hello Readers 

                  Today's post is all about the best car Bluetooth receiver in india

 These are installed separately in our cars and they are also very cheap, we can easily install them in our cars. We can enjoy their features by connecting these Bluetooth adapters to our mobile phones and we can also use them on having pc.

This bluetooth adapter is very important for your car because when you are driving, you need to put some bluetooth wires etc., so it can be dangerous for you while driving. Today, due to modernization, many gadgets are available to you very cheaply and comfortably, which you can use in your car.

If your car doesn't have built-in Bluetooth, no problem. There are many bluetooth adapters that can help you upgrade your car to Bluetooth. This Bluetooth adapter helps you perform all kinds of hands-free tasks like making music, free calls, etc. through your phone. Below are some such Bluetooth adapters that will help you upgrade your car to Bluetooth. These gadgets make our life easy, and make our work easy, so why not use them?

Bluetooth Adapter for Cars comes in many, but we have told you below about the top 5 Bluetooth adapter which is top selling top rated Bluetooth adapter. You can buy them without any hesitation. Some different features have also been given in these Bluetooth wireless adapters which will be even more helpful for your car.

Buying Guide For Bluetooth adapter for car best buy

Before you any car Bluetooth receiver you should check these points:

1.) Hands-Free Call

Before buying a Bluetooth receiver, you should check whether a hands-free call system is available in it or not.

2.) Music Modes

You should also check how many music modes are available in the car's Bluetooth receiver.

3.) Equalizer 

Equalizer gives you the option of adjusting the sound so that you can adjust the sound according to your mood, some examples of this can check below.

  • slim
  • Sleek

4.) Charger Support:

Now you should check how many devices the car Bluetooth receiver can charge simultaneously.

5.) Support

You should also check what type of device the car Bluetooth receiver supports (iPod, Android, etc)

let's check out our list:

best car Bluetooth receiver in india

1.) CRUST CS30

best car bluetooth receiver india

Let us start our list with CRUST CS30 Car Bluetooth Device. This device is a budget-friendly product that you can get for under Rs.700/-.

In this car's Bluetooth receiver, you still get all kinds of advanced and basic features. If you guys want to take a look at its features, then you can check the list given below.

1.) This product can connect your car stereo system with your mobile so that you can listen to music in the car from your mobile.

2.) You can also call this product as best car Bluetooth receiver with a microphone because this product comes with Noise Suppression Tech, which does not give you any problem in calling.

3.) It comes with 6 equalizers that help you adjust the music as per your needs.

  •  Slim
  • Sleek
  • Minimalist
  • Rock
  •  Pop
  •  Classic

Note: You need a car power outlet (12-24V) eg: cigarette lighter port


  • It comes with 2 Music Playing Modes.
  • you can charge three devices simultaneously.
  • this product is Compatible with all kinds of cars.
  • it supports all devices like iPhones, Android, Ipad, etc.
  • it comes with 7 color LED lights.


  • Very slow charging

2.) Tantra Fluke Pro

Tantra Fluke Pro
Tantra Fluke Pro

This one is an another famous bluetooth receiver for cars in india. This product comes with all advanced features like echo & noise cancellation, and super quality mics.

Tantra Fluke Pro can connect two phones together which is an unbeatable technology.


1.) This Product comes with Voice Command and call waiting management.

2.) It could be used with home theaters and usic Stereos (you just required a 3.5mm input jack).

3.) It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology which helps in giving you better sound quality.


  • phone calls audio quality is good.
  • it comes with siri voice command.
  • microphone quality is soo good.


  • stickers are not soo strong.
  • USB Car Charger didn't comes with it.
  • Price is littel high

3.) Portronics AUTO 

Portronics AUTO 12
Portronics AUTO 12

If you are looking for a best car bluetooth receiver with microphone under 1000 then you should take a look at Portronics AUTO.

This product comes with some advanced features like LIKE ENHANCED BASS, VOICE ASSISTAND and more:

1.) This product comes with Enhanced Bass which helps in increasing and decreasing the bass of your car stereo.

2.) You can make and receive the call with single button like other product.

3.) it alwso have voice-assistant technology like (Siri and Google Assistant,).


  • call Voice Quality is Good
  • Bluetooth connectivity is quite good.
  • quality is also good.


  • Didn't comes with battery.
  • No sound compatibility with Ipnones


If you guys are searching for the best car Bluetooth receiver with a battery then you can check the UGREEN Bluetooth adapter for cars.

This product is littel expensive but you will get all advanced features and good sound quality.


1.) This product comes with a 200 mAh battery which gives you 7 to 8 hours of battery backup.

2.) It's audio quality is soo good so that you won't be disappointed with it.


  • build quality is quite good.
  • connectivity is fast.
  • good battery backup.
  • It also supports aptX LL / aptX HD.


  • it didn't comes with CVC support.
  • little Expensive.


Here we have rounded up some of the best car bluetooth receiver in India so that you can check its pros and cons and choose the right car bluetooth receiver for you.

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