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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

How much is refrigerator gas refill price in india

 Hello Readers 

                Today's post is an informative blog post about refrigerator gas refill prices in India.

In this post, we have prepared all the company refrigerator gas refill prices list with the help of which you can estimate the gas refill cost.

Now let's choose a service for it

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gas refill Service

There are two kinds of service available in the market the first one is online and the second one is offline.

1.) Online Service:-

There are some websites that provide online services, you just have to register a complaint by visiting their website, and after that, the company sends its employees to your home.

Note: These online services didn't work in rular areas.

2.) Offline Service

In online service, you can get your complaint written by visiting a local shop or authorized service center, after that, they send your employee to your home and fill your refrigerator gas.

You can choose any of these services as per your convenience. Now comes the main point which is the refrigerator gas refill price in india.

refrigerator gas refill cost in india

Let's check out the list :

Company Name Cost
Samsung refrigerator gas refill price 1000 to 3500
whirlpool refrigerator gas refill price 1000 to 2000
LG refrigerator gas refill price 1500 to 2300
single door refrigerator gas filling charges 1500 to 2500 (avrage)

Note: You should remember that the service charge is different from the refrigerator gas filling charges so don't confuse.


Here we add double and refrigerator gas filling charges with the help of it you guys can estimate the value for gas filling.


Q.1: how long does refrigerator gas last?

Ans: up to 1 to 2 years but conditions are applied.

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