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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

How Much is laptop screen replacement cost in India

 Hello Readers

                   Today's article is about laptop screen replacement cost in india.

All laptop companies come out with their laptops in different sizes and can go up in the size range (11 inches to 17 inches).

Just as the range of the screen varies between 11 to 17, so does the range of replacement cost.

The bigger the screen, the higher the screen replacement cost.

Laptop Screen Type

The laptop screen is of different sizes and types like 30 and 40-pin LCD screens, touch screens, HD screens, full HD screens,s, etc.

Now after this the size matters:- 13 inches, 14 inches, 14. 1 inch, 15 inches, and more from Ghost to Caesar are available in the market.

Service selection

Till Jha, our team has done the research, in that we have not seen any such company which provides online screen replacement service, then you are left with only one option which is authorized service center, you can get your screen replaced by visiting these service centers.

Now you have taken all your checks, so now it comes to my main point cost. We have given a list below, with the help of which you can predict the average cost. 

laptop screen replacement cost

Company Name Screen Type Cost
hp laptop screen replacement cost 15.6 inches, Paper LED, 30 pin screen 7k to 10k
dell laptop screen replacement cost touchscreen 1000 to 22000 rupees
Asus laptop screen replacement cost All Type (Screen Touch Not included) 4000 to 10000
Acer laptop screen replacement cost All type Rs. 5000 - Rs. 8000

If your laptop is a touch screen, then this type of screen replacement cost will also be more than other screens.

MacBook screen replacement cost

Let us now come to the Apple laptop screen replacement cost. I didn't add this to the list above because there are many versions of MacBooks that have different costs, so if you take an average it starts at Rs 10300 and goes up to Rs 6000:

Product Name Screen Replacement Cost
MacBook A1398 15" Mid 2015 40000 to 43000
A1502 13" Late 2013 38000 to 40000
A1398 15" Mid 2012 40000 to 44000
A1278 13" Mid 2012 10000 to 15000

MacBook Air Screen Replacement Cost

Product Name Screen Replacement Cost
A1466 13" Early 2015 25000 to 30000
A1466 13" Mid 2013 30000 to 33000
A1398 15" Mid 2012 40000 to 44000
A1370 11" Mid 2011 25000 to 28000


Here we add some laptop company and their laptop screen replacement cost with the help of our list you can estimate the repair price. 

If you guys want to know all kinds of laptop screen replacements then keep visiting our website.

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