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Saturday, September 17, 2022

laptop keyboard replacement cost in India

 Hellow Readers 

                       Today's information is all about the laptop keyboard replacement cost in India.

A laptop keyboard is a common problem when your laptop has been running for 10 years or more, and some of the buttons on your laptop stop working.

  This is a common problem, no need to take much trouble because keyboard replacement doesn't cost much (Max 4000) If you have an Apple laptop then character 3000 is enough.

But nowadays a new type of keypad comes in laptops, the backlight keypad in the back of the keypad, the light is also lit, so if you only damaged the keypad, then the cost of changing the laptop keyboard will be from 3000 to 5000, but if the backlight is damaged then you have to pay separately for that.

Service Selection

You can go to a good local or authorized service center for replacement but after your warranty expires it will not be beneficial to go to an authorized service center, then you can find a good local laptop repair shop and get your keypad replaced.

Here we have made a list of laptop keyboard repair costs for all those laptops so that you can check the replacement costs for your laptop.

laptop keyboard replacement cost

Company Name Cost
dell laptop keyboard replacement cost 1500 to 1800
hp laptop keyboard replacement cost india 2000 to 2500
Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement cost india 1500 to 3000
Acer laptop keyboard replacement cost 1500 to 4000

apple keyboard replacement program india

Now comes to APPLE company this company is different from all other laptop companies because they focus on customer satisfaction that's why people love to buy apple MacBooks in india.

Apple offers a keyboard replacement program in which you can visit any authorized service provider and have your keypad repaired for free but you have to follow some conditions.

Eligible Models

apple keyboard replacement program india
apple keyboard replacement program india

If your laptop is not on the list then the MacBook Air keyboard replacement cost can be around 8000 to 12000 INR.


Here we have added all laptop keyboard replacement costs which help you to estimate the cost price. So you can check our list

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