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Friday, September 16, 2022

How Much Is Iphone charging port repair cost India

 Hello Readers 

                 Today's article is all about the iphone charging port replacement cost in India.

Well, it is a common problem that is faced by so many apple users but doesn't worry here in this post you can find the cost of replacement of these Charging ports.

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Why is the Apple Charging Port Not Working?

1.) Sometimes you drop your phone, damaging your charging port.

2.) Even if you put the charger on a crooked charge, there are chances of the port getting damaged.

And some internal problems can also cause the port problem.

Service selection

There are three types of services available in the market in which you can choose:

1.) Authorised Service center

This is the best option for you as these people replace the charging jack with the original one which is best for your iPhone but it is very difficult to find an authorized service center in the ruler area

2.) Local service center

There are few local service centers in each city that can replace the IPHONE charging port but the cost of repairing the charging port and the originality of the port cannot be ascertained so be aware of it.

3. Online Service

You can also opt for online services whose employees come to your doorstep and fix your iPhone charging port at a fixed cost.

Now you choose your Service now estimate the price of charging port replacement cost in India here we make a table for it check it out.

iphone charging port replacement cost in India

Model Name Cost
iphone 5s charging port replacement cost in India 500 to 600
iphone 6s charging port replacement cost in India 1100 to 1500
iphone 7 charging port replacement cost in India 1300 to 1500
iphone x charging port repair cost 2800 to 3000
iphone 11 charging port repair cost 3000 (minimum)

As you have seen the iPhone model has increased, and so does the iPhone charging port repair cost. So you guys can now make an estimate from this list.

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