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Monday, August 1, 2022

best microfiber cloth for car India

hello readers

                      Today we are writing about microfiber towels for cars in India.

Well, some people clean their cars with normal clothes which is not right because no microfiber cloth leaves some scratches on body or windows.

  Especially if you have a black car you should use a microfiber towel for your car so we have put together a list of the best microfiber towels for cars Let's Check it.

Name quantity price
softspun 2 350
3m 3 540
Auto Hub 3 350

best microfiber cloth for car India

By the way, there are many companies that make these types of microfiber towels, some of them we have finalized such as:

1. softspun microfiber car cleaning cloth

This company is very famous for its microfiber towels in India. softspun has so many options but we suggest you use SOFTSPUN 900 GSM because this product has so many features: -

1.) It has 900 GSM, 80% Polyester, and 20% Polyamide which is so higher at this price.

2.) This product is made of premium microfiber so it didn't leave any scratches on the car and bike Interior and Exterior.

3.) these clothes are like magnets they could clean magnetwax, grease, and lubricants easily.

2. 3m microfiber cloth for car

3m microfiber cloth for car
3m microfiber cloth for car

3m company is very famous for its products (like chain lube, wax etc.) Also, 3m company also has cell microfiber towels which is the choice of many Indian people.

This product is available in the market at an affordable price. And the quality of these microfiber towels is also good. If you guys are thinking of buying a cheap microfiber towel then you guys can think about 3m microfiber cloth for the car.

3. Auto Hub Heavy Microfiber Cloth for Car 

This product is known in the Indian market but I use it for at least 2 months and its quality is soo good because of 800 GSM.

This product also has certain features that make Auto Hub Heavy Microfiber Cloth competitive at this price.

1.) This cloth has a High density,  Thick lint and strong water absorption

2.) This cloth does not leave any scratches on the car paint or headlights.

Note: Don't use any kind of softener when washing it.


These three are the best microfiber towels for cars in India so you can choose according to your need.


Q.1: best microfiber towels for black cars?

Ans: 3m microfiber cloth for car

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