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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

best GPS tracker for bikes in India

 Hellow Readers 

                    Today we are writing about the best GPS tracker for bikes in India to track your bike.

You will often hear the complaint of bike theft in Indian and it is possible that such an incident has happened to you too.

So to avoid this bike theft problem nowadays people use GPS trackers for bikes.

With the help of these bike GPS trackers, you can track your bike location. Nowadays youngster loves their bikes so much that's why some companies come with these kinds of GPS for bike lovers.

Young people love to go long drives on bikes but also worry about their bikes that's why they use these GPS trackers to know the location of their bikes.

Things to Check before buying

Every customer should check these two things before they buy any GPS tracker in India: -

Range :

 every customer checks the range for these trackers before buying them.

Support : 

If you are buying a tracker, then always check that this tracker supports Android and iOS.

Anti-theft alarm

The tracker should have an Anti-theft alarm so that you can notice that your bike is in danger.


best GPS tracker for bike India

We categorize these GPS trackers for bikes on the bases of their different features let's check.

1. Onelap Micro

If you are searching for an affordable GPS tracker for your bike then you can choose this one because this GPS tracker can also be used for cars, Scoter, or more vehicles

This tracker comes with a sim card which could be used for 12 months and it could connect to the vehicle very easily.

This GPS tracker comes with so many features : 

1.) Onelap Micro has an Anti-theft alarm that notified you if your vehicle is moved by towing or pushing.

2.) It also has a feature to save your travel history and a sensitive GPS chip that tells the exact location of your vehicle.

3.)Onelap also has Ignition Alerts and Remote engine off features.

4.) You can also set Geo-fences in Onelap app.


  • Very effective with android phones.


  • You can face some problems with iPhones.
  • Its software isn't so good.

2. SeTrack Wireless GPS Tracker For Bike

If you are searching for a Wireless GPS Tracker for bikes and cars then you can think of it. In this product, you also need a sim to track your vehicles.

SeTrack GPS Tracker comes at an affordable price or with so many features which are given below:

1.) This is a multipurpose device you can use to track vehicles (Like bikes and cars) or track your Kids Bag because this product is run on a battery so you don't need any electric source plug to run it.

2.) This product comes with a 10000mAH battery.

3.) SeTrack is a used cloud base service to keep your data safe.

4.) It comes with a user-friendly and easy-to-use app.

5.) You can also check a graph to compare everyday performance.

6.) It also has Voice monitoring which makes this product very good.


  • its accuracy is good


  • Sim is not included

3. Acumen


If you are searching for the best GPS tracker for bikes under 1500 then you can choose this one.

This product comes at a low price with the same features which is given below:-

1.) This product gives you Real-Time GPS Tracking data of your vehicle.

2.)You can also check the location of your vehicle on Google Maps with the help of its app.

3.) You can check your daily status like Run Time and Maximum Speed etc.

4.) you can also download your vehicle data in excel and pdf files.


  • Price


  • it comes with one monthly subscription for the sim.
  • its year plan is 1490 which is a little costly.
  • you can't recharge it monthly.


We add the three best GPS trackers for bike India so you can choose according to your need.

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