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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Best infinity car speakers in India

 Hello Readers

               Today we are talking about the best infinity car speakers in India.

So many people search for the best car speakers especially youngsters nowadays young people love music in their vehicles that is why they want perfect speakers for their car.

Well, I believe you heard the name infinity company. This company is also famous for its headphones and other music product including speakers.

That's why we write infinity speakers reviews so that you can check it according to your requirement.

Buying Guide for infinity speakers

Before you buy any of these speakers you should check the basic requirement for these car speakers.


Every customer should check the Frequency range for these car speakers higher the Frequency range higher the output.


The higher the sensitivity rating higher the output. In India, you will see an average sensitivity rating of 88db but if it comes around 90 dB then it is considered excellent.


The lower the Impedance higher the output. so check Impedance before you take any speakers.

Lower Impedance will be greater for speakers.

Maximum Power

The power of a spekers tells about how much power it can handle without any damage. 

Speaker size

The size of speakers always matters the bigger and heavier speaker gives good output in comparison to smaller and lightweight ones. 

Now let's make a list for infinity car speakers.

Best infinity car speakers

1.) Infinity Alpha 650C

Infinity Alpha 650C
Infinity Alpha 650C

infinity alpha car speakers are well known in the Indian market and these speakers are loved by Indian users so much.

Infinity Alpha comes with a good frequency range and its deep sound compels us to buy this product.

This product also has some feature which is given below:

1.) 315 Watts is the maximum power that can be handled by it.

2.) It comes with a low impedance of 4 ohms.

3.) Infinity Alpha 650C comes with dB: 91 which makes this product excelent.

4.) Its frequency range is Hz: 55 - 20000.

5.) This product has 1 year of warranty.

6.) It is a Component type speaker.

2.) Infinity Alpha 6520F

if you are searching for cheap Infinity Alpha spekers for your car then you can buy this one.

infinity alpha car speakers
infinity alpha car speakers

This product lags behind the Infinity Alpha 650C in just a few things, otherwise, everything else is equal.

For example, this product doesn't have a subwoofer like Alpha 650C.

Let's check the features

1.) This product comes with 320 Watts of maximum power and 40 Watts RMS.

2.) Its impedance is 4 ohms.

3.) This product also has the same sensitivity of dB: 91like.

4.) Frequency range is Hz: 55 - 20000.

5.) Infinity Alpha 6520F is a Coaxial type speaker.

infinity reference speakers review

I have to say that infinity reference speakers are a little costly but these speakers give Extraordinary performance so let's check which one is the best infinity reference speaker in India.

1.) Infinity Reference REF-6530CX 6.5 Speaker

This product comes with 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers with a polypropylene woofer, and these speaker openings are covered with hi-roll rubber surround adapter rings.

So if you are thinking to buy car speakers with good bass for your car then it could be a good choice for you.

As the price is high so this product comes with so many advanced features : 

1.) These speakers come with 4 - Ohm Impedance spekers and their wires have a 3-ohm impedance.

2.) Infinity Reference REF-6530CX spekers can handle up to 90 watts of power.

3.) Its sensitivity (93 dB) is little higher than Infinity Alpha.

4.) the product Woofer mounting depth is 2-1/16.

5.) It also has a 1-year warranty.


These three are the best infinity speakers in India which are easily available online market but their other products are not available online so you have to go and search for these products in shops.

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