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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

best cryptocurrency wallet in India

 Hellow Readers 

                  Today we are writing about the best cryptocurrency wallet in India as we are seeing the boom in the crypto market in the world so how can we forget about India.

India is also the fastest growing economy in the world and we believe cryptocurrency is going to play a major role in economic development.

In the past few years so many startups are introduced to the Indian market, for example, Matic Network, CoinDCX, and many more. 

So seeing the growth of cryptocurrency or blockchain startups in India you can think how much a cryptocurrency wallet is going to be useful in the future.

bitcoin price chart
cryptocurrency wallet in india

That's why we are making a list of the Top cryptocurrency wallets in India.

But before you download any cryptocurrency wallet for android mobile you should check these components of the crypto app. These components will help you to know which crypto wallet is best for you.

1.) Money Involved

You should check whether the app is available or free and there are no hidden charges in it.

2.) Location

Check if these app works in your country or not if they don't operate in your country then don't use them.

3.) Safty

Every user should check the safety of crypto wallets the only reason is the increment of cyber thieves so if you use any wallet without any knowledge you could face some safety issues.

4.)Regional language

If you are using any kind of crypto wallet in India I suggest you use a wallet in your Regional language because you will easily understand all terms and conditions and all functions of that app.

best cryptocurrency wallet in India

1. WazirX 

If you are looking for the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet in India then you should choose WazirX as this wallet gives accessibility for both Android and Desktop.

And yes this wallet has security which is authentication by Google and Mobile OTP.

So if you are searching for a crypto wallet then you can use this, especially in India.

This wallet doesn't charge any joining fees but you have to pay a little amount at the time of withdrawal. 


  •  This wallet works for both mobile and desktop.

  • You can trade with 100+ coins.

  • WazirX has very good chat and calls support for their customers.


  • There is a limit on the withdrawal amount.

2. Coinbase Bitcoin

This bitcoin wallet is the most famous one in India. 15 million people are active in crypto trading on this app.

But now day's you can notice that the crypto market is going down that's why people are not investing more money but don't worry as you know cryptocurrency is the future so you can invest today and leave it for the long term.

It will definitely give you so many profits in return.

Fees :

This app is free to use but if you make any payment through it then you have to pay a miner fee.


  • it is a decentralized app so you don't have to worry about security.
  • so many guides are available on the internet so you can learn from these easily.


  • You require the latest version of os

3. CoinDCX – Best cryptocurrency app in India

If you are ranking crypto wallet uses then you can be given it second rank according to its user base.

This wallet especially gives you an option to invest in crypto-based financial products like retail, enterprise, etc.

You can trade in this app for a low low fee and it is easy to use. This app also provides a Mobile wallet to invest so don't worry if you don't have a laptop or desktop.

If you face any problem with it then you can contact their customer care email which offers 24/7 support to customers.

You can deposit your amount with the help of a UPI and Bank transfer (ACH), Credit card, or Debit card.

But remember KYC is required to trade with this app.


  • This app is easy to use 


  • It doesn't support Windows, Mac, and Linux

4. Zebpay – Safest crypto exchange in India

If you are searching for an Ultra-secure crypto exchange in India then you can choose it.

This product also has some advanced features like :

  • Zebpay gives you a trading alerts option in its app which is very helpful to inform you about any particular coin.


  • This app is super secure in comparison to other products.
  • This app makes a fast payment.
  • It gives you a multi class security system & Omnitrixx security.
  • Zebpay support Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.


  • This app is ultra secure that's why they ask for ₹10 fee for all fiat withdrawals.
  • This app doesn't support net banking.

Types of cryptocurrency wallets

There are so many types of cryptocurrency wallets so every user should check the types of these apps before they use them.

1.) What is Hot Wallet?

If you are using Hot Wallet cryptocurrency then you should remember that Hot Wallets are less secure in comparison to others.

2.) What are Decentralized wallets?

You manage your Key by yourself in  Decentralized wallets no third party is involved in it. These kinds of wallets never give any guarantee of complete privacy.

3.)What are Hardware Wallets?

This wallet is a physical wallet that is so secure in comparison to the upper two wallets. We all make a list of the best hardware wallets for cryptocurrency in India. So you can read that post also.

4.) What are Mobile wallets?

Some of the wallets are supported with android and ios mobile so this kind of wallet is known as Mobile wallets and you get control over the private key.

5.) What is Desktop Wallet?

These wallets are supported on Desktop devices and you can have your private keys.


We add only mobile and desktop-type wallets because we don't want to make this post so long.

If you want to know another type of wallet then check our next post which is all about the best hardware wallet for cryptocurrency in india.

In this post, all our users can check the best cryptocurrency wallet in India and best multi cryptocurrency wallet and also check their pros and cons.

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