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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Best 7 inch led headlight for royal enfield

Hello, guy today's post is all about the 7 inches led headlight for Royal Enfield well in India Royal Enfield is so famous in all directions like north, west, east, and south and You would also hear the name bullet which is used for Royal Enfield bike in India.

To be honest I have a Panjabi friend who his bike more than his life and he also says that it's not just a bike it is a feeling. so you can imagine how much love people have for this bike that's why they always search for assessors for bikes and best led headlight for Royal Enfield is one of them that's why we made a list for the best headlight for Royal Enfield.

This post is all about the royal Enfield headlight but if you are searching for a led headlight for bikes in India like splendor, pulsar, and many more then you can check our previous post.

7-inch led headlight for Royal Enfield

1. Royal Piston Smart LED 7inch Headlight

This headlight is very famous among bikers, especially for royal enfiled ryders but  Royal Piston Smart LED could be a good option for jeep.

Let's check some features of this led headlight for Royal Enfield.

  • this light needed 12V voltage and 110W power and this headlight was made with the latest technology LEDs and bulbs. The ultra-modern design of the headlight focuses on energy saving and environmental protection strong bright light, impact resistance with low-temperature bright mode White light for high beam low beam: the light of white daytime running light white light/Turn signal amber light.

  • led headlights for Royal Enfield are made of the CREE chip, which is designed to be geometrically enhanced to increase light extraction efficiency. High brightness is the most important feature that makes it compatible with other headlights. The lens also consists of a remarkable Polymethylacrylate material, which provides the highest brightness possible on any terrain, and most importantly, is that it's one step ahead of any weather condition.

  • The exterior body is made of die-cast aluminum, which offers smooth, well-defined, and textured metal parts to create an extremely shock-proof outer body that provides you with a stunning appearance. The major benefits our headlights offer include Good strength-to-weight Ratio resistance to corrosion > Excellent Electrical Conductivity > Has a great stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio an enduring strength to last for a long lifespan

  • Other Additional Features Include The following features: Lumens: 4000LM. Waterproof rating IP68 >Living time of 50000 hours. Water and dustproof, scratch-proof PMMA Lens with great heat dissipation temperature: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius

  • Installations 3-pin H4 connector compatible with several models, but for different models, if the initial connector isn't an adapter for H4 the connector may need to be modified.

  • Compatible for Royal Enfield Models, Mahindra Thar, Jeep, Thar, and Harley Davidson.
AUTOPOWERZ Round shape headlight
AUTOPOWERZ Round shape headlight

2. AUTOPOWERZ Round shape headlight

AUTOPOWERZ is a quite famous company for bike stuff that's why we add this headlight to our list.

  • this headlight needed 12V-80V voltage with 90W power to operate it.

  • INSTALLATION comes with 3-Pin H4 Connector Play Connector. Two Wires to connect White & Amber DRL (yellowish shade) each.

  • like other lights, it also comes with a Die-cast Aluminum housing cabinet which is waterproof and has good heat reduction which is a Perfect fit for bullets. Polycarbonate is toughened PMMA Lens

  • this headlight comes with High Beam, Low Beam, White DRL, Amber DRL, Amber Turning Signal

  • this product is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic 350 all models, bullet Classic 500 all models, Royal Enfield Electra 350 all models, Bullet Electra 500 all models, Standard 350 all models, Standard 500 all models, and Himalayan Continental GT.

  • it gives Harley Davidson look to your bike.

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