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Monday, November 20, 2023

[YES] Can I Use 45W Charger for Samsung A54

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                       Today we will answer a very common question "can i use a 45w charger for Samsung a54" asked by so many Samsung users so let's start.

Samsung A54 is a mid-range mobile which is quite popular among the youth. Samsung A54 is available in the market with support for 25W fast charging. Here 25W means that you can charge your mobile with the charger whose output is 25W.

Now you may be wondering if you can use a charger with a higher power output, such as a 45W charger.

can i use 45w charger for samsung a54


Yes, you can use a 45W charger for your Samsung Galaxy A54. Since the phone draws only as much power as it needs, a high-power charger will not damage your mobile.

Samsung Galaxy A54 charging performance with 45W charger

Battery PercentageCharging Time (minutes)
0% to 10%3 minutes
0% to 20%6 minutes
0% to 30%9 minutes
0% to 40%12 minutes
0% to 50%15 minutes
0% to 60%18 minutes
0% to 70%21 minutes
0% to 80%24 minutes
0% to 90%27 minutes
0% to 100%30 minutes

Why Use a 45W Charger with Samsung a54?

1.) The first reason is the fast charging time. The 45W charger helps in increasing the charging time.

2.) You can also use a 45W charger to charge other devices, such as laptops and tablets.

Note: - Only use chargers that are certified by Samsung or a reputable third-party organization.


so the simple answer is yes you can charge your Samsung a54 with a 45w charger. I hope you get your answer please keep visiting our blog for more mobile-related queries.

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