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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Minecraft java mods : Biboy2009's More Fences Mod Features

 Welcome Gamers 

                            Today we will discuss Minecraft Java mods for fences, doors, and traps. So if you are building a house in Minecraft, you can use this JAVA mod.

Biboy2009's More Fences Mod
Biboy2009's More Fences Mod 

Biboy2009's More Fences Mod For Minecraft

In this post, we talk about  Biboy2009's More Fences Mod this MOD adds a variety of new fences to the game like wood, stone, metal, and glass fences

In this MOD you will find gates and doors that match the new fences. Biboy2009's More Fences Mod can be used with other mods to create unique and interesting builds.

Fences Types in Biboy2009's Mod 

This Java MOD offers some new fences Like:

  • Wooden Fences: New wooden fences from oak, spruce, birch, jungle, and dark oak wood.

  • Stone Fences: New stone fences made with cobblestone, andesite, diorite, granite, and blackstone.

  • Metal Fences: metal fences made from iron, gold, copper, and netherite.

  •  Glass Fences: New glass fences made from regular glass, stained glass, and frosted glass.

Biboy2009's More Fences Mod is a perfect choice for players who want to add more variety and options to the game's fencing system with unique and interesting builds.

How can players use this Biboy2009's MOD?

  • With the help of this MOD, players can Build more secure and decorative fences around their bases.
  • Players can also Build such as castles, forts, and mazes.
  • animal pens.
  • decorative flower beds and gardens.

 Biboy2009's More Fences Mod compatibility

  • Optifine
  • Just Enough Items (JEI)
  • Chisels and Bits
  • LittleTiles
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Applied Energistics 2
  • Waystones.
  • ETC...


Here in this post, we add all information about the Biboy2009's More Fences Mod so if you are installing this mod then check out its features and compatibility in This post.

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