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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Unlocking Precision: Choose The Best Sniper In PUBG

 Welcome Gamers 

                         Today we are going to make a list of the best sniper in PUBG according to their damage.

We also share features and other related information about sniper guns in PUBG.

Best Sniper In PUBG
 Best Sniper In PUBG

Well, we are talking about PUBG sniper guns because sniping is quite important from a gamer's point of view. Snipers can turn the tide of a match with their precision and long-range capabilities.

Types of PUBG Sniper Guns

Before we start our list let me tell you the Types of Sniper Rifles In PUBG:

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles

Bolt-action sniper rifles are Preferred for their high power output (like the Kar98k and M24 ).

  • Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles

Semi-Automatic Sniper gives the faster rate of fire option but it requires little brain work.

Best Sniper In PUBG

Now let's start our list but remember Before selecting the best sniper rifle, consider your gameplay style. 

1.) Kar98k: The Classic

Let's start our list with Kar98k: The Classic This sniper gun is quite famous among the PUBG Gaming community due to its damage.

The Carabiner 98 Kurz is a bolt-action rifle that deals 79 damage which is the highest among all snipers in PUBG.

Bullet dropHigh
Reload time3.5 seconds
Scope attachmentYes
Magazine capacity5 rounds
AvailabilityAll maps

  • Reload time: Kar98k Takes  3.5 seconds of reload time which is a little slower than other sniping Guns in PUBG.

  • Bullet drop: This gun has high bullet drop so if you want to shoot the enemy in PUBG then the shooter will need to aim above the target to hit it at long range.

  • Recoil: Due to its high recoil, the shooter will need to compensate for the recoil after each shot which makes conditions worse for the user if he is surrounded by an enemy.

 2.) M24

Now take a look at our second choice PUBG m24 Sniper. This gun comes in second due to its low damage of 75 (to a level 3 helmet) but other respect are too good of this sniper gun.

Bullet dropMedium
Reload time3.3 seconds
Scope attachmentYes
Magazine capacity5 rounds
AvailabilityAll maps

  • Recoil: This gun has medium recoil, making this gun much easier to control than the Kar98k.

  • Bullet drop: M24 also has a medium bullet drop that's why the shooter will need to aim above the target to hit it at long range.

3.) MK14 EBR:

This sniper gun is quite well-known in PUBG for its damage and recoil but this gun is only available in general drop and flair drop.

If we talk about its damage then let me tell you that MK14 EBR can deal a maximum of 72 damage to a level 3 helmet.

Bullet dropMedium
Reload time3.75 seconds
Scope attachmentYes
Magazine capacity20 rounds
AvailabilityErangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin

  • Recoil: This gun is easier to control than the Kar98k or M24 due to its medium recoil.

  • Bullet drop: Due to the medium bullet drop the shooter will need to aim above the target to hit it at long-range.

  • Magazine capacity:  MK14 EBR comes with a magazine capacity of 20 rounds which is quite high.

Note: - SKS is also a sniper gun but it's damage (60) is low that's why we don't add this gun in our list.


Here in this post we add all the best sniper Guns in pubg So if you are a sniper in PUBG then you should check this post and learn all the things about sniper guns I believe this information can improve your gameplay.


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