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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Gunning for Glory: Na'Vi vs G2 Esports Head To Head Performance

 Hello Gamers 

                    Today's post is all about the g2 vs navi all match history which can help you to know about the team's performance.

Now let's start with a simple introduction like we did me our previous post Navi vs Heroic.

G2 Esports:

  • G2 is a European esports organization that participates in various CS GO tournaments and gives stoning performances but recently G2's performance has its ups and downs But still, they are improving.
  • G2 has been characterized by its explosive playstyle and strong individual players.

Natus Vincere (Na'Vi):

  • Na'Vi is a strong team and a dominant force in the CS: GO for a long time.

  • Na'Vi has won many major tournaments in CS: GO such as Intel Extreme Masters, Electronic Sports World Cup, and many more, so you can say that Na'Vi is one of the leading teams in CS: GO.

Now let's check out the match history between these two teams.

G2 vs Navi

Check out the table of all matches:

TeamG2 EsportsNatus Vincere
Tips.GG Rating#3#1
Head-to-headWins: 8 (38%)Wins: 13 (62%)
Maps won2028
Current StreakWin streak: 5Lose streak: 1
Win % over past 30 days70%56%
Win % Total61%68%
Team Form (30 days)Wins: 7
Losses: 3
Ties: 0
Wins: 5
Losses: 4
Ties: 0

Natus Vincere vs G2 Esports Score Card

DateG2 Esports scoreNatus Vincere score


I hope you find this information helpful so if you want to know more about cs go teams and matches then keep visiting our blog.

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