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Monday, July 24, 2023

Best Crypto Game to Earn Real Money

 Hello Readers 

                     Today's post is about some play-to-earn crypto games so if you want to earn some crypto money, read this post and choose a game to play.

Crypto gaming includes games that are based on blockchain technology and players can earn cryptocurrencies (such as ETH, bitcoin, and more) by playing the games.

So if you guys are also spending your time in online gaming then why not earn some money by playing crypto games, that's why we have prepared a list, with the help of which you can know the names of crypto games and how to earn money from them.

Things  to Know Before play any Crypto games

1.) Setting Up Your Crypto Wallet

To earn money from any crypto game, you need a digital wallet in which you can securely store, manage and trade your earned cryptocurrencies.

2.) Understanding NFTs

The second thing you should be aware of is NFTs. Because Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are at the core of crypto gaming, you will get true ownership of game assets through NFTs.

Now Let's start our list:

Best Crypto Game To Earn Money

Let's Explore the various platforms and marketplaces that host crypto games.

play-to earn crypto games
play-to earn crypto games

1.) Axie Infinity

Let's move on to our first pick, Axie Infinity, a popular blockchain-based game that allows users to collect, breed, and battle with fictional creatures called Axies, which can be exchanged for money.

Game ConceptAxie Infinity is a blockchain-based game that combines elements of Pokémon and Tamagotchi.
Play-to-EarnPlayers can earn cryptocurrency (AXS and SLP) by participating in battles, completing quests, and breeding valuable Axies.
NFTs Ownershipas we already told you Each Axie is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain, granting true ownership and the ability to trade or sell Axies in the marketplace.
Axie TypesAxies come in different types, such as Beast, Plant, Aquatic, Reptile, Bug, and Bird, each with unique traits and abilities.
Land GameplayAxie Infinity features a decentralized virtual land system where players can own, buy, and sell plots of land, providing additional gameplay opportunities and rewards.
MarketplacePlayers can trade Axies and in-game items in the Axie Infinity marketplace. With this concept, player can earn cryptocurrency and also can change it with money
GovernanceAXS token holders have voting power in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, allowing them to participate in governance decisions and shape the game's future.
Community and EventsAxie Infinity has a thriving community and regularly hosts events and tournaments. With the help of these tournaments, users can earn extra money.
Staking and RewardsPlayers can stake their AXS tokens to earn additional rewards, including a share of the revenue generated by the game's ecosystem.
Mobile CompatibilityAxie Infinity is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

2.) Cryptoblades 

Cryptoblades is a blockchain-based role-playing game in which players can earn valuable rewards (in the form of cryptocurrency) by engaging in violence in combat.

In this game, players have to collect skill tokens which they can earn by defeating their opponents and then they can convert these tokens into money.

CryptoBlade's Play-to-Earn Crypto Model Is What Attracts People and Gamers to participate in battles.

Game ConceptCryptoBlades is a blockchain-based role-playing game where players can use skills and weapons and defeat their opponent and earn crypto.
Play-to-EarnPlayers can earn the native token Skill by participating in battles and defeating opponents. Players also can exchange these tokens for money.
NFT CharactersCharacters in CryptoBlades are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Binance Smart Chain.
Weapons and SkillsPlayers can enhance their abilities by equipping them with new skills and weapons.
TournamentsThe game features regular tournaments where players can compete for top positions and win additional Skill tokens and valuable prizes.
CommunityCryptoBlades has a strong and active community of players and enthusiasts who engage in discussions, events, and trading of NFT characters and items.
Staking and RewardsPlayers can stake their Skill tokens to earn additional rewards.
Mobile CompatibilityCryptoBlades is accessible on mobile (android, apple) devices.
DecentralizedThe game operates on a decentralized platform, ensuring transparency, security, and ownership.
Strategic GameplayPlayers must strategize and plan their battles carefully, considering their character's abilities and opponent's strengths, to maximize their chances of victory and rewards.

3.)  Lost Relics

If you are also looking for an action-adventure role-playing game, then Lost Relic can be a great option for you.

Adventure, fighting, and ancient treasures are all in the game and all the players have to do is collect items by completing quests later the player can trade, sell or display their rare finds in the game's marketplace.

Game GenreLost Relics is an action-adventure role-playing game (RPG) set in a blockchain-based universe, offering players a captivating gaming experience.
Quests and ExplorationPlayers embark on thrilling quests and explore beautifully designed landscapes to uncover ancient treasures, solve puzzles, and unravel the mysteries of the game world.
NFT CollectiblesIn Lost Relics, valuable in-game items, characters, and artifacts are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.
Blockchain IntegrationThe game utilizes blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, security, and true asset ownership for players.
Play-to-Earn ModelSuccessful completion of quests, battling enemies, and solving puzzles reward players with valuable in-game assets and cryptocurrencies, enhancing the play-to-earn aspect of the game.
Trading and MarketplacePlayers can trade, sell, or showcase their NFT collectibles in the in-game marketplace. Players can also sell their items to the Lost Relics game community.
Community and EventsLost Relics boasts a vibrant community of players and collectors, engaging in discussions, events, and competitions.
Real-World ValueThe NFTs and in-game assets in Lost Relics hold real-world value, allowing players to monetize their achievements and treasure discoveries.
Puzzles and ChallengesThe game offers a variety of puzzles and challenges that test players' skills and strategic thinking, adding depth and excitement to the overall gaming experience.
Beautiful Art and DesignThis crypto game features stunning visual art and immersive sound design, creating an enchanting atmosphere that enhances players' immersion in the game world.

4.) Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is another famous and interesting game in which players can explore and mine unique planets and all teams will collect in the form of cryptocurrencies.

In this game also you can collect valuable orphans by completing missions and later sell the items in-game marketplace.

By the way, the community of this game is very large, due to which players will not have any problem in selling items.

Game ConceptAlien Worlds is a blockchain-based gaming experience set in a virtual universe where players can explore unique planets and mine valuable resources.
Play-to-Earn ModelPlayers can mine Trilium tokens by engaging in battles and missions on different planets.
NFT PlanetsEach planet in Alien Worlds is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT), providing true ownership and the ability to trade or sell planets within the game's ecosystem.
Decentralized Finance (DeFi)The game integrates DeFi elements, enabling players to stake their Trilium tokens and earn additional rewards.
Community and EventsAlien Worlds has a vibrant and active community of players and enthusiasts who participate in discussions, events, and trading of NFT planets, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the game.
In-Game Asset TradingPlayers can trade their NFT planets and other in-game assets in the marketplace.
Dynamic GameplayThe game offers a constantly expanding universe with new planets and missions.
Virtual Mining and ResourcesPlayers can mine for resources on different planets, strategizing to maximize their Trilium token and earning.
Real-World ValueTrillium tokens earned in Alien Worlds hold real-world value, allowing players to convert their in-game earnings into other cryptocurrencies or fiat money on various platforms.
Community GovernanceThe game's community actively participates in governance decisions, shaping the future of the Alien Worlds universe and enhancing player engagement and ownership.


Here in this post, we add a list of Crypto Games to Earn Money so if you want to make some extra money then you should check our list and find a perfect game for yourself.

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