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Friday, June 9, 2023

How to Fix GTA SA cannot find 1536x864x32 Problem

If you guys also like gaming then you must have heard the name of your gta san andreas, this game is very popular among gamers due to its huge open-world environment and attractive gameplay.

But many times some issues are seen in this game, one of which we will talk about today, so let me come to the point.

GTA SA cannot find 1536x864x32
GTA SA cannot find 1536x864x32

Why gta sa cannot find the 1536x864x32 issue occurs

At the launch of GTA SA, the game searches for a "1536x864x32" resolution to ensure optimal display settings, or if this resolution does not recognize by the system then the game encounters an error. 

How to Fix GTA sa cannot find 1536x864x32 issue

In today's article, we will tell you how to solve the problem of resolution "1536x864x32".

Common causes for 1536x864x32 resolution issue

Let's start with some common issues.

Outdated graphics driversplease check your Graphics drivers because they play a crucial role in rendering the game's graphics on your system. (Update Graphics drivers)
Incorrect screen resolution settingsMatch the system's screen resolution settings with the resolution required by the game.
Compatibility issuesGTA SA is an older game so sometimes it can include issues with newer os or hardware components.


Here in this post, we add three causes for GTA sa cannot find 1536x864x32 so if you are facing the same issues then you can try these methods and solve your problem.

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