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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How to Save Data in Android Mobile

 In today's modern times, the internet is playing an important role in the life of every human being and due to this our life has become very easy. Today in this article we are going to talk about this topic and through this article, we will tell you how to save internet data in mobile. If you want to know about this topic and want to save the internet on your mobile, then read this article completely till the end.

How to save mobile data

Friends, in this article, we have given many tips to save internet, about which you can read below. So let's know which are the tips by using which internet can be saved in any mobile.

how to save data in mobile
how to save data in mobile

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Turn Off Auto Update

If you have enabled the software auto update feature in your phone's settings, then you should turn it off. Because if this function will remain on in your phone, then any new update will be installed first in your phone, due to which your mobile data will be spent. And by keeping this feature enabled, your phone will be updated without you knowing, due to which your internet data will be lost. That's why you should keep software auto update off in your phone.

use good browser

A very good and important way to save internet is to use a good internet browser because there are many internet browsers that use a lot of internet. That's why you should use only good and trusted internet browsers like - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.

Turn off Auto Media Download

You must be using social media platforms like whatsapp. But let us tell you that it has a feature called auto download, which automatically downloads media like photos and videos in the phone, which costs more internet and sometimes unnecessary things are also downloaded. Is. So you have to keep off the auto download feature on your whatsapp which you can turn off by going to the settings of whatsapp.

how to save data just Use Data Saver

You should restrict background data in your phone because when you close an app using your phone, it is using some internet data behind. If you want that the apps running in the background do not use your internet data unnecessarily, then you can turn it off by going to the settings of the phone. You have to go to network settings in your phone's settings and enable data saver from there.

Download Content

If you use streaming apps like Hotstar or Amazon Prime in your phone, that is, online streaming, then it costs you a lot of internet data. So if you want to save your internet data then you do not have to do online streaming in your phone and download and watch the content.

Do not clear the cache

Whenever you open a website in your web browser, its cache file gets saved in your browser, with the help of which next time that website will open very fast and using less data in your device. That's why you should not delete cache files from your web browser because due to cache files, websites open quickly using less data.

Do not keep unnecessary apps

Friends, if there are some apps in your smartphone which are useless and which you never use, then you should delete such apps and if those apps run from the internet then definitely delete them because such apps are somewhere in the background. Somewhere your mobile's internet data is used.

how to save data in mobile to stop Download YouTube Videos

You must be watching YouTube videos in your mobile, due to which a lot of mobile data is spent, but to save your internet data, you should download and watch YouTube videos in your phone because watching YouTube videos online consumes more internet. And if you download the video first and then watch it, then you save your data because internet costs less to download.

Use Data Limit

You can use the data limit present in the phone to save your internet data. By enabling this feature, you can use internet only according to the limit set by you throughout the day. You can enable this option by going to the settings of the phone. Suppose you set internet data limit 500MB in your phone. Now in such a situation, you will be able to use only 500MB data in a day, you will not be able to use internet more than that and to use more than 500MB internet, you will have to remove the internet data limit from your phone. By setting the data limit, you get to know that how much of your internet has been spent and how much is left.


Here in this post, we add all related information about saving mobile data so if you are searching for how to save mobile data then you should read our article till the end.

Questions related to how to save data on mobile

1. What to do if Internet Data ends very quickly?

If your internet data ends very quickly in your mobile, then you have to change some settings in your mobile, after which your internet data will last for a long time. You can read the settings or steps to follow to save internet data in this article.

2. Is there any need to download any app to save internet in mobile?

No, there is no need to download any app to save internet. Internet data can be saved in mobile without downloading the app.

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