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Friday, March 3, 2023

[2023] Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 13000

Hello Readers

                       Our today's post is about the best Bluetooth speaker under 13000.

In today's time, the demand for Bluetooth speakers is increasing rapidly, due to which many companies are launching their Bluetooth speakers in the market.

And for this reason, there is a lot of difficulty in choosing the best Bluetooth speakers for the customer and for this reason, there is a lot of difficulty in choosing the best Bluetooth speakers for the customer, for this reason, we have prepared a list of some best Bluetooth speakers under 13000, with the help of which you can buy the best Bluetooth speakers.

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Now Let's check out the list :

best bluetooth speakers under 10000
best bluetooth speakers under 10000 

best bluetooth speakers under 13000

let's start  

1.)  JBL Flip 6

If you are also searching for the best Bluetooth speakers under 10000 then JBL Flip 6 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker can be the best option for you.

Because with this speaker, you get more and more features at a lower price, which is a good deal.

Let us now look at the features of the speaker.

1.) You get IP 67 in JBL Flip 6 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

2.) JBL Flip 6 is splashproof and DUSTPROOF.

3.) You get a detachable cable in this speaker.

4.) A remote smartphone Support can be seen in this speaker.

5.) You get a subwoofer in this speaker.

 Lowest frequency

  • The lowest frequency of JBL Flip 6 is 63Hz.

Passive Radiator

  • A passive radiator is also available in JBL Flip 6, whose job is to produce sound vibrations.

battery power

  • A 4800mAh battery is available in this speaker, which gives a playtime of 12 hours.

Charging time

  • JBL Flip 6 takes 2.5h to fully charge.

Bluetooth version

  • JBL Flip 6 has a Bluetooth version of 5.1, which has a range of 10m.


  • The subwoofer is available in this speaker.
  • it also has a battery level indicator.

Cons : 

  • 5.1 Bluetooth version is available in this speaker which is a bit old.
  • You do not get a 3.5 mm audio jack in this speaker.

2.) Sony SRS-XE200

Now coming to our second choice which is the Sony SRS-XE200, the price of this speaker can be seen within 13000 and this speaker also has all the advanced features which are found in expensive speakers.

So let's now have a look at these features

1.) Sony SRS-XE200 has 2 Drivers which help in enhancing the audio of the speakers.

2.) This speaker is also dustproof and waterproof.

3.) it also a stereo speakers.

4.) This speaker also has a passive radiator.

5.) Sony SRS-XE200 also has 1 microphone.

6.) This speaker also has AAC Code


  • The higher frequency of the Sony SRS-XE200 speaker is 20000Hz and the lower frequency is 20 Hz.

Battery life

  • A battery life of 16h is available in this speaker.

Charging time

  • Sony SRS-XE200 takes 3h to fully charge.


  • sony srs xe200 has Bluetooth version 5.2 with a range of 30m.


  •   sony srs xe200 speakers also have AAC codec.
  • Bluetooth range is 30 m which is quite high.
  • It has single USB ports.
  • it also has voice commands.
  • sony srs xe200 also has a mute function.


  • A 3.5mm male connector is not available in this speaker.
  • AirPlay is not available in this speaker.

Treblab hd7

Now coming to our third choice which is treblab hd7, this company may be a bit new for you, but the speakers of this company are also available in the market with very affordable and excellent features.

Now let's take a look at Treblab hd7 features

1.) 2 drivers are available in treblab hd7.

2.) Detachable cable is also available in TREBLAB HD77.

3.) TREBLAB HD77 is also a stereo speaker.


  • Treblab HD7's highest frequency is 16000Hz and the lower frequency is 180 Hz.

battery power

  • Treblab HD7 gets 2600mAh battery power which gives 25h of playtime.
  • This speaker takes 3 hours to fully charge.

Bluetooth version

  • TREBLAB HD77 has a Bluetooth version of 4.2, which has a connectivity range of 10 meters.


  • A 3.5mm male connector is not available in this speaker.
  • Voice commands are also available in Treblab HD7.
  • voice prompts are also available


  • the mute function is not available in treblab hd77.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2 is too low.
  • the sleep timer is also not available in treblab hd77


Here in this post, we add all related information about the best Bluetooth speakers under 13000 so if you are searching for Bluetooth speakers under 10000 to 13000 then you should read our post till the end.

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