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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Which are The Highest Paying URL Shorteners in India?

If you are also looking for a Short Cut to the highest paying URL shortener in india, with the help of which you can easily earn thousands of rupees, then URL Shortening will be the right way for you. That's why today we will know the complete information about it.

Before knowing about URL Shortening, you have to know about URLs, the address of any website is called a URL, let's understand it with an example. Below I have given a sample of the URL.

Highest Paying URL Shorteners in India
Highest Paying URL Shorteners in India

What are URL Shorteners?

URL Shortener is a type of Website or App through which we can convert a large URL into a small URL, you must have seen that some URLs are very large which are viewed by scrolling, we can use URL Shortener like these. Can easily shorten with the help of

There are some such Url Shortener Websites in the market, which also pay money for this, it happens that when we shorten the link of a website with the help of these URL Shorteners and when a person clicks on that link, first the Main Website But instead of going to URL Shortener's website, he gets to see some ads "and after 3 or 5 seconds he gets redirected to the Main Website" we will understand how URL Shortener works.

How URL Shortener Works

Now we understand how URL Shortener works and how we can earn money from URL Shortener, so first of all we understand how a URL Shortener Website works? – When we shorten any URL from URL shortener website, that website gives us a short link.

If a person visits any web page or video by clicking on the given link of the URL shortener website, then he first goes to the URL shortener website where he sees some ads, and after 3 or 5 seconds he goes to the Main Web page.

So here, when we created a link with the help of the URL Shortener Website, we saw that if a person clicks on the link we created, he will first have to forcefully go to URL Shortener's website, where he will get to see some ads. URL Shortener Website earns and some part of this deficiency is given to the person who shortens the URL through URL Shortener.

How to make money from URL shortener

Now that you have come to know what is URL Shortener and how it works, let us now know what are the ways with the help of which we can earn money through URL Shortener, so let us now “URL Shortener Se Let's start to know about "Paise Kaise Kamaye"

1. Earn money from Blogging with a URL Shortener

If we talk about blogging, here all the work is done by URL, when we do internal linking of our old posts almost everywhere in Blog Post, but the URL we use while doing internal linking in Blog Post is Normal. There is a URL, on which if a user clicks, it goes to the direct linking page.

But we can do this, we can pass the URL of each of our Internal Linking through the URL Shortener Website, this will make it so that whenever a user opens the URL with internal linking, first of all, go to the URL Shortener Website and get some ads. Will have to see it, and only after that it will go to the Main Web page "Whatever you lack from this will be shown in the Dashboard of the URL Shortener Website from where you can credit all those money to your bank account"

2. Earn money from URL Shortener through Youtube

You must have seen that many Youtubers give different types of links in the Deprecation Box of their videos, Youtubers give these links to download an app or go to a website "and if you are also a Youtuber and you also do this If so, then tell you that using this method, you cannot earn money from URL Shortener.

If you are also a Youtuber and want to earn money through URL Shortener with the help of Youtube, then whatever link you give in the Deprecation Box of your video, first make it a Short Link with the help of URL Shortener Website, after that whenever a user gives your If you want to download a website or app by clicking on the given link, then it will see some ads before that, due to which URL Shortener Website and you will be lacking.

3. Earn money from URL Shortener through Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Group can be a great way to earn money online through URL Shortener, you all will know that we keep sharing many Youtube Videos, Facebook profiles, and Instagram Profile Girl Link in Whatsapp Group, which is included in the group. people like it,

To earn money from Whatsapp Group through URL Shortener, before sharing the link in Whatsapp Group, shorten it through URL Shortener, this will make it so that whenever a person opens your shared link, he will get Ads Show first. Will be from which you earn.

4. Earn money with URL Shortener through Telegram

We can also earn very well through Telegram through URL Shortener, because we always send a link to some or the other webpage to our Telegram friends, we shorten this link first by URL Shortener Website. Can send, after that whenever a telegram clicks on our shared link, it will first see ads which will earn us money.

Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners in India

Now we are going to tell you about some Best URL Shortener Websites, on which you can make your link short and earn money as well.

1. Shorte.le

If you want to shorten a big URL, then Shorte.le can be the highest paying URL shortener website for you, the user interface of this website is very simple so that any user can easily understand.

Along with shortening your URL, you can also shorten the URL and earn money from Shorte.le, for this, you have to shorten your URL through this URL Shortener, and then share the Short Link with all your friends.

After this, whenever a person clicks on that link, he will first see ads that will earn you, if 1000 views come on your shortener link, then you get $ 8 to $ 12 for this, in this way you URL Shortener Website Shorte.le You can earn money from And whatever money you earn from this, you can ask for it directly in your bank account through PayPal.

2. Adf.ly

adf.ly shorten URLs and earn money can be the best URL shortener website for you. To earn money from Adf.ly URL Shortener Website, you must first create your account on this URL Shortener Website.

After this, you can shorten any link and share it on your social media, whenever a user clicks on your links, he first sees some ads, which earn Adf.ly URL Shortener Website. Out of which he gives some money to you, you can ask for the money earned from this directly to your bank account through PayPal.

3. short.am

This is also included in those URL Shortener Websites that give a lot of money even in work view, through this you can earn a lot of money along by shortening your link, and you can earn money through PayPal, You can ask directly in your bank account.

4. Za.Gi

Za.gi is one of the best URL Shortener Websites where you can shorten any of your big links in absolutely no time and also earn money from it and you can transfer the earned money directly to your bank account via PayPal. Can ask, if you get 1000 views on your Shortener Link, then Za.gi gives you $10 instead.

FAQ To shorten URL and earn money

Q.1: What is URL Shortener?

URL Shortener is a process by which we shorten a large URL, you must have noticed that some URLs are longer than necessary, they are shortened by URL Shortener Website.

Q.2: how much money URL shorteners make?

If 1000 views come on your shortened link, then now you can easily earn $ 8 to $ 10 from it.

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