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Friday, December 23, 2022

How to earn money from Probo App

Hello Readers 

                      Today's post is all about How to earn online real money from Probo App.

Friends, if you want to earn money from your mobile with the help of the application. So today we have brought such a great application in front of you, using which you can earn a lot of money.

In today's article, we are going to tell about Probo Opinion App. In this article, you will read what is Probo App, how to download it, how it is used, and How to earn money from Probo App?

How to earn money from Probo App
How to earn money from Probo App 

How can we earn money from the Probo app

By the way, every day countless online money-earning apps are made on the internet. Those who claim to earn money, but this is so great among the real money-earning apps in india that you can earn money by answering very easy questions here.

There is another platform to ask and answer your questions on the Internet. That is Quora but you cannot earn money directly from Quora, friends on Probo App Answers Application you neither have to write questions or write answers to them.

Here you can earn money by answering yes or no to a pre-asked question. Through this post, we will also give you information about some important questions related to Probo App and how to withdraw money from Probo App.

To know in detail about Probo App, read this article completely.

What is Probo App? 

Use whatever platform you want to your advantage/disadvantage. It is very important for you to know about it, Probo App is a Betting App. You can also call Opinion Trading Application.

Through Probo Trade you can earn money by doing Opinion Trading. Opinion Trading is such trading where you do business by giving your opinion and suggestions.

In simple words, doing business by giving an opinion is called Opinion Trading. Probo App is the kind of application where you are asked a lot of questions. About whom you can give your opinion in yes or no.

There is a yes or no option below all the questions asked here. And there is also an amount related to it, you can give your opinion by paying this much money, if your answer is correct then you get more money than that.

Example- Suppose there is a question on Probo Application for which the fixed fee is ₹ 5 if you want to answer this question. So first you have to pay ₹5 if your answer is correct then you can win ₹6 to ₹10 and if your answer is wrong then you will lose ₹5.

You can decide for yourself here. Which question do you have to answer, and which question you don't have to answer, you can leave the questions here if you want.

How to create an account on Probo App 

Friends, it is very easy to create an account in this application, for this you can follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to download this application from the official website or from someone's link. After that, on opening this application, you will see "Welcome To Probo" written in front and below that the option of "Get Started" will appear, click on it.
  • On clicking this option, you will have an option to enter 10 digit mobile number, now you will enter your mobile number here and an OTP will come on it.
  • In the next page you will be asked OTP, you will enter OTP, after that you will be asked about Referral code if you have a Referral code. So enter it and click on the “Continue” button that appears below.
  • By clicking on this button, your account will be completely created on “Probo Application”.
  • Now here you will see the option of “Probo App Wallet” on the right side and on the top, by clicking on it, if you have entered the referral code while signing up, then you can see the ₹ 25 signup bonus.
  • In this way, you get ₹ 25 Sign Up Bonus immediately upon downloading this application. Which you can use to do Opinion Trading.

Features of Probo App 

  • You can do trading in the latest event here.
  • This application provides you the facility of both Help and Support. If you face any problem then you can take their help.
  • In this application, you can change your profile anytime.
  • Here you also see the search option. Here you can search for any type of event according to your choice.
  • Here you can see the money invested by you by going to the option of Portfolio.
  • On this application, you can earn money by answering many easy questions.

How to trade in Probo App?

Trading on this application is very easy. When you create an account here and log in to it, then many questions appear in front of you. In which you can give your opinion in the form of yes or no.

Any question you want to answer. Read it thoroughly and if you are 100% sure about it then answer it in Yes and No.

There is an option for an amount equal to Yes and No. Which you have to pay while answering the question, there its benefit is also written.

Here you can also increase the amount of your trade, the higher the amount, the more will be the profit. Now you click on the Yes or No button to answer here.

Whatever amount is there on the related question, it will be deducted from the wallet of your application. In case of no money in the wallet, you can also add money with the help of Paytm.

When you participate in the trade by paying. So you have to wait till the time a winner of that trade is declared.

You can trade on Probo Application very easily in this way.

How to earn money from Probo App 

There are mainly 3 ways to earn money with the help of Probo App. We have given you detailed information about these methods one by one below.

1. Earn money by signing up 

This is the very first way to earn money with the help of Probo App. In this way when you download Probo Application from someone else's link and use the referral code while signing up. So you get ₹25 as Sign Up Bonus.

A total of ₹75 is received by signing up on the Probo App. You get the first ₹ 25 as soon as you create an account and the next ₹ 25- ₹ 25 you get when your Referral starts trading on the Probo App.

In this way, you start earning money as soon as you download this application.

2. Earn money by trading  - How to earn money from Probo App

Earning money by trading is the second and most important way to earn money from this application. As you know that you can earn money by doing Opinion Trading here.

When you open this application. So many questions appear in front of you, under which the option of Yes and No is there and there is also the fee for the related question.

Whatever question you want to answer here in Yes and No. The fee related to that question is deducted from your account and if your answer is correct then you get more money than the fee.

Any questions you want to answer. All the information remains below it like how much fee you will have to pay for answering the question if your answer is correct then how much money you will get etc. In this way, you can earn a lot of money by trading here according to your wish.

Example- Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored more than 30 runs in his last match, then you have to answer it in Yes and No. If your answer is correct then you win money here.

3. Earn Money By Refer

The ultimate way to earn money is with the help of Probo App. Earning money by referring To earn money in this way, you have to remove the referral link from your Probo App account and share it with your friends by any method (Share, Copy Link).

When any of your friends download Probo Application from your link. So you get ₹25. You also get a referral code on the application. You can earn extra money by using this code.

If you want to earn maximum money by referring to this application. So for this, you must have a website, youtube channel, or social handle.

If you have a good number of followers on any of these platforms. So you can earn a lot of money by referring to this application here.

How to remove referral link from Probo App

First, open the Probo Application and click on the Menu option there.

  • Now you will see the option of refer there, as soon as you click on this option, your Referral Link will appear in front of you.
  • Now you can copy this link or share it through social media platforms.

How much money can be earned from Probo App?

  • Here we will give you information about how much money you can earn from Probo App in 1 day.
  • When you use this application for the first time. So you get ₹75 as Sign Up Bonus.

Now if you have a social media platform with a good number of followers and you get 10 people to download this application by referring it in 1 day. So you can earn ₹ 250 (25*10). In this way, you can earn ₹ 325 in 1 day that too without trading.

How to add bank account in Probo App

  • First open the application and go to the wallet option there.
  • Now you will see the option of account verification at the bottom, click on it.
  • After opening it, now you will first verify your PAN card here.
  • After the PAN card is verified, now you will click on the option with bank details shown below.
  • Now you can add your bank-related information here. If you want, you can also add your UPI ID here.

How to do KYC in Probo App?

To do KYC, go to the “My Balance” option and click on “Verify Your Account” there. Now after entering your correct name, PAN card details, bank account number, and date of birth, upload the PAN card photo here. In this way, your KYC process will be completed here.

How to withdraw money from Probo App

You get the option of a bank account to earn money by winning on Probo Application. You can directly transfer money from here to your bank account.

It is necessary to have a minimum of ₹ 100 to withdraw money from Probo Application. If you have less than ₹100 in your account then you cannot withdraw money from here.

If you complete ₹ 100 on this application, then open the application and click on the wallet option visible above there as soon as you open it. All your won money will appear in your wallet.

In the wallet itself, you will see the Withdraw option at the bottom, you have to click on this option and give your bank account number. If your KYC is already complete, then from here your money is transferred to your bank account.

You don't even have to pay any extra charge for withdrawing money through a bank account from Probo App.

How to play in Probo App

To play on Probo App, open this application and choose any trade according to your interest from all the trade pages you see there.

Now whatever trade you have selected. Questions related to the same will start appearing in front of you, now you have to answer those questions, and the application mixes the answers to the questions accordingly.

If the answer given by you is correct then ₹ 25 is transferred to your account.

Benefits of Probo App

  • You start earning money as soon as you download the application here.
  • You can earn money by answering questions very easily in this application.
  • If you have a good group of friends. So you can earn money by referring it, that too without trading.
  • The KYC process is very easy here.
  • You can take the won money in your bank account in a very simple way.

Disadvantages of Probo App

  • When you do Opinion Trading on this application. So you have to invest some money here and play.
  • You cannot download this application from Google Play Store.
  • Less educated people cannot use this application.

Probo App Real or Fake?

  • If you have doubt in your heart about the credibility of Probo Application. So for your information, let us tell you that this application is completely real and you can earn real money by trading here.

  • This application has been developed by an Indian citizen, so there is absolutely no possibility of data theft through this application.

Some facts related to Probo App

  • This is a completely India Made Application where you can do Opinion Trading.
  • This application has become so popular that it currently has more than 300,000 downloaders.
  • According to the statement of the company, this application is 100% safe.
  • According to the company's statistics, more than ₹ 750,00,00 have been withdrawn from this application so far.
  • Here you can withdraw your money immediately in your bank account in 2 to 3 minutes.
  • The size of this application is around 13MB and it can be easily used on Android phones.


Here in this post, we discuss all the how to make money with probo app so if you want to make real money online then you can try Probo app.

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