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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Best 11 Apps to Play Free Fantasy cricket and Win Cash Daily

Hello Readers 

                     Today's post is all about the best 11 fantasy app in india.

There are many apps for cricket lovers to set up a cricket team, and they can earn a lot of money by making a cricket team.

If you are thinking about how to earn a lot of money by playing cricket games, then for that you have to download Fantasy Cricket App.

Many people are earning money from fantasy cricket games and if you also want to know that cricket money-earning app, IPL team placement app, and how to earn money from cricket IPL in 2023 then you can win a lot of money by getting information. Yes, in millions!

When it comes to the top application to earn money by playing cricket, then only the name of an application like Dream Cricket Apk or MPL Paytm Fantasy App comes on the tongue of most people.

Because most people know about these “Money Earning Cricket Game” applications because they are widely promoted by MPL Match Lagane Wala App and Dream Cricket Paytm Cash App.

But let us tell you that apart from these two “free entry fantasy cricket app 2022”, there are many other real cricket game platforms and cricket gaming applications that give their users the opportunity to participate in fantasy cricket games.

real money cricket game download
real money cricket game download

best cricket fantasy app in india

In Cricket Game Khelo Paisa Jeeto Online Game Play you have to prepare a team of 11 members and after that selection of captain and vice-captain has to be done after that, you have to join the competition by paying the entry fee.

After this, when the match is over by playing, then according to your rank, you get money as a reward, which is deposited in your wallet, which you can later Fantasy App Minimum Withdrawal & Maximum Withdrawal in your Can transfer to a bank account.

Which is the best fantasy cricket app

Friends, when we watch IPL or any cricket, during that time we see the promotion of many “Cricket Cash Earning Apps”. In such a situation, the IPL match 2023 is going to start very soon.

If you are thinking of making money with IPL 2023 then you should download Best Fantasy Cricket App which can win more money and prizes.

Here we have given information about more than 10 Cricket Paytm Cash App Downloads and fantasy cricket app downloads which you can consider downloading.

fantasy cricket app list

You can win a lot of money and prizes from the Money Earning Cricket Game App, but for that, you have to invest money by making a team on Money Earning Cricket Apps in all ways.

Now we are going to tell you one by one about Cricket Earn Money Websites and Cricket Money Game Apps. Who can earn at least ₹ 1000 thousand daily?

1: Dream11 App

Dream11 is the best fantasy app if you are looking for the best and most reliable App to make money with cricket.

Dream11 Fantasy Sports Platform was established in the year 2008 and the work of establishing it was done together by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Seth.

In today's time, Dream11 App is at first place in the list of popular fantasy platforms in India, which you can guess from the fact that crores of rupees are distributed daily by Dream11 to the winning person as a prize. And this is one of the best Match Me Paise Lagane Wala Apps.

 How to earn money by playing cricket Dream11?

  • You can invest money in cricket on Dream11 Team Lagane Wala App and if your luck favors you then you can win from lakhs of rupees to crores of rupees.

  • Here you get a chance to win more than Rs.200000000 by investing a small amount as an entry fee (Best Fantasy App Low Investment).

  • In Dream11 Best Earning Fantasy App you can make predictions on money-earning games like basketball and kabaddi apart from cricket and if your prediction proves correct then you can earn a huge amount of money.

  • The downloads of the Dream11 app, which earns money from cricket in India, have so far crossed 10 crores. Dream11 is also promoted by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which shows that this application is a reliable cricket money-making app.

  • In the Dream11 app to earn money from cricket, you have to create a virtual team of 11 members and then participate in a competition. If the performance of your members is good then you get money according to your rank.

2: Myteam11 

This is a fantasy cricket app Myteam11 is also a very good cricket money-earning app and it is also counted in fantasy sports platforms.

This Earn Money Cricket App APK was launched in the year 2016 by Vineet Godara and Sanjit Sihag. Millions of people use this app to make money with cricket apps.

At the time of launching, money could be put only on cricket, but in today's time, other sports have also been included in this cricket money app, by predicting which you can earn lakhs of rupees from here.

As its brand ambassador, Virender Sehwag promotes this cricket earn money app.

How to earn money from myteam11 cricket?

  • You can install the My Team XI Cricket Earn Money app on your device by visiting its official website. After installation, you get a bonus of ₹100 when you signup for the first time.

  • So far more than 18 million people have downloaded the Myteam11 app to earn money by investing in cricket. You have to add 11 players to your team in Myteam11 and after that, the performance of your players remains the same.

  • According to that you are given a rank and you get paid according to your rank. You can easily get the won money in your bank account.

3: Fanmojo – fantasy cricket app

This is a fantasy cricket app for playing cricket Fanmojo application is also being used by many people to earn money by playing cricket.

If we talk about the specialty of the Fanmojo application, then on this application you can join an unlimited league without any restriction. The most popular is the fantasy cricket app to make money.

How to make money playing Fanmojo Cricket?

When you deposit money in Fanmojo Match Wala App for the first time, you get a cashback of almost 200%.

However, let us also tell you one thing due to some legal reasons such people who live in the state of Assam, Telangana, Sikkim, or Madhya Pradesh cannot play games on Fanmojo Game Lagane Wala App nor earn money through the application. Can

Apart from this, people living in other states can definitely try this Cricket Mein Paisa Kamane Wala App.

If you want to download this money-earning app, then you have to open Fanmojo.In the website in any browser and download the Fan Mojo team app by following the prescribed procedure.

4: Fanfight App

If you want to know how to make money online with fantasy cricket then you can use this app. if you are searching then you should download Fan Fight App on your device today itself also this is the best fantasy app in india.

You can download this cricket-earning money application by visiting its official website, because you may not find this cricket-earning money app on Google Play Store.

How to earn money from Fanfight App?

  • This money-earning cricket app was launched in the year 2016 in the country of India by Akhil Suhag. Just like other fantasy cricket apps, this is also a cricket application.

  • If you have to include 11 people in your team and you get a chance to earn money only on the basis of the performance given to them. So play a cricket game and earn lots of money!

  • By the way, in this money-making app, you do not have to do any kind of verification, but if you are successful in earning money from cricket, then you have to get KYC verification done to get the money earned in your bank account.

  • you need to provide documents like Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. In this application, you can also bet on football, baseball, and basketball matches.

5: 11 Wickets 

This is a cricket money app You can use the 11 wicket sports applications to earn money by playing cricket games.

Here if you manage to earn from ₹ 250 to ₹ 1000, then you can immediately get that money in your Paytm account.

And if you do not download and use Cricket Paytm Cash App, then you can also ask for money in your bank account. 

How to earn money from 11Wickets?

  • Here cricket playing apps are also available for the Android platform as well as for the iOS platform.

  • If you want to earn lakhs of rupees by paying a little entry fee, then definitely you should download this fantasy cricket app, because the entry fee here is very less. So everyone can try to earn money by loading this cricket game.

  • You can earn money by playing cricket on apps that put 11 wickets team to earn money by playing cricket, as well as if you refer this application to any person.

  • And if that person downloads the Teamsters Apps from your referral link, then you also get a bonus of ₹ 500. You can bet on fantasy football, fantasy cricket, and fantasy kabaddi on the 11 Wickets app.


 It has been included in the Cricket Khelo Paise Jeeto app, which is owned by Dhavalsingh Bhola.

If a person is searching for an app to win money by investing money in cricket while sitting at home, then he should download the app from the official website of cricket playing apps for free today on his Android device or iOS device.

This is also one of the best Cricket Khelo Paisa Jeeto Apps.

How to earn money from Batball11

  • One can visit the Batball11.Com website to download this Cricket Paise Wala Game. When a person downloads this application for the first time.

  • and creates his account on the Cricket Mobile game by following the prescribed procedure, he gets a bonus of ₹50 in the wallet of the application, which he can use to pay the entry fee for any contest within the application.

  • Apart from this, if the person shares the link to download the BATBALL11 Team India app with any person and the person in front loads the application, then the person gets 20 rupees behind every download, which is deposited in his wallet.

  • When a person is successful in earning a certain amount of money in this application, then he can put in a request to withdraw the money. After putting in the request, he gets his money in his Paytm account/bank account.

7: Fan2play

This is the Best Free fantasy cricket app list. This gaming platform was started in the year 2020 by Fan2Play Games Private Limited and this platform was launched.

To earn money through Fan2play you first have to watch the upcoming matches after opening the application. Crores of people use these Cricket Cash Winning Games.

And then click on the name of the match in which you want to participate. After this, you get information about the players involved in the match.

Now you have to click on the Join Contest button. After this, you have to include a total of 11 players from both teams in your team. These 11 players should be such that they can give good performances in real matches.

How to earn money from Fan2play App?

After joining the player, you have to join the competition by paying a small entry fee. Now the actual match starts, then you get points according to the performance of the players who give in the actual match.

Remember that if you have added players who are not playing in the actual match before the start of the match, then you have to remove them from your team and replace them with the players who are playing in the actual match. Have to include them.

In this way, you can invest money in cricket on this real cricket game platform and if your luck favors you and your players give a good performance, then you can earn money from here and you can ask for the money earned in your bank account. Or you can also order on UPI ID.

If you want to earn more money apart from participating in the match then you can use the referral system of Fan2play Real Cricket game.

If someone downloads this Match Par Paise Lagane Wala App from your referral link, then you get a certain bonus.

8: Cricket League - fantasy cricket app download

It is also called the best IPL Match Lagane Wala App. Cricket League is a great online gaming cricket application, on which you can play cricket for free. This new cricket game is available on Google Play Store. This is one of the best Cricket Paytm Cash Apps.

That's why you don't even need to wander here and there to this play cricket and earn Paytm cash. Its downloading figure has crossed 10 million on the Play Store.

How to earn money from the cricket league in 2023?

If you want to earn money from Paytm Cricket League, then for this you have to open the application first after installing the Cricket League application and create your account with the help of the phone number on the application.

After this, you have to go to the cricket option, under which you have to click on the option of online cricket team tournament.

After this, you have to make a team of a total of 11 players. To make a team of 11 players, you should include some players from both teams in your team. After joining the player, you also have to select the Vice Captain and Captain.

After this, you have to join the competition by paying the entry fee. Now you will get points according to the performance of your selected players.

When the cricket match is over, the person who has the same points gets the money accordingly. All the money you will be able to win will be credited to your cricket league wallet within 1 hour from the end of the game. After this, you can transfer the wallet money to the bank account by getting KYC verification done.

9: Jeet11 App

On Jeet11 Paise Wala Cricket Game you can bet on T20 matches, ODI cricket matches, and IPL and Test cricket matches.

Jeet11 online cricket earns money application has been installed by more than 10 million people. This is one of the best Cricket Se Paisa Kamane Wala Apps.

How to earn money from Jeet11 App in IPL?

If you are thinking about “how to make money in cricket” then you have to download the Jeet11 Cricket Rupees Game on your device.

And after that with the help of a mobile number you have to register yourself in the game of cricket and then log in.

After login, you have to create a team of 11 members by clicking on the option of selecting a match one player from the team has to be made captain and the other player vice-captain.

Now you have to join the competition by paying the entry fee. Now you have to sit quietly.

The players you have taken inside the team, if they give a good performance, then you will get more points and after the match is over, the person will be given reward money according to the points.

With the Jeet11 application, you can easily earn online from ₹500 to ₹20,000 daily with instant withdrawal.

In the jeet11 cricket money-earning application, the maximum money is given to the person whose rank is in the first place.

10: Nostrapro

The Nostrapro app has a different identity in the app that earns money sitting at home by making a cricket team.

Although this is also a fantasy gaming application, its special thing is that in this you can earn money by answering questions related to cricket. That's why this app comes under play cricket and earns Paytm cash.

That is, in this Quiz Paytm Cash App, the cricket quiz continues under which questions are asked, if you answer them correctly then you win.

Apart from this, Nostrapro Quiz Khelo Paisa Jeeto also gives you a chance to play other online games like Poker, Rummy, and 8 Ball Pull and earn money.

  After downloading this Quiz Khelo Cash Jeeto Paytm you get ₹100 when you create your account. Apart from this, when you have managed to earn ₹ 250 in the application, then you can also put in a request to withdraw money.

11: Cricplay 

If you are looking for cricket IPL team placement apps then this is the best app.

The Cricplay match placing app does not give you much money but if you are a satisfied person then you can definitely earn some money by playing games in this application.

You can bet money in IPL and play free fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Most popular cricket team-making app.

Talking about the specialty of this match game application, this application gives you a chance to join the competition for free. After joining the competition, the person's team receives money according to its position.

Like other fantasy cricket gaming apps, in this also you have to make a team of 11 members and according to the performance of the players included in the team, you get points and after that, you get money according to the rank.


Here in this post, we add all the related information for How to play free fantasy cricket and win cash daily or the best 11 fantasy apps in india so if you want to make money online then you should read our article till the end.

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